Sudeep and Sridevi in Vijay’s next film!

Sudeep and Sridevi in Vijay’s next film!

While there were reports about Sudeep being a part of Chimbudevan’s next, the actor has confirmed his presence

A little birdie tells us that Vijay’s next film with Chimbudevan is going to include some more big names. We hear that Sandalwood star Sudeep and Sridevi have been roped in for the film. Sudeep has confirmed that he is a part of Chibudevan’s next. He told a popular daily, “I got a lot of offers after Naan Ee, but since I had an expectation to meet, I didn’t want to hurry up on my next film. Chimbudevan approached me with the script about two months back. However, I was held up with my Kannada project. But what really impressed me with this team is that they waited for me and didn’t look for someone else, which shows that they had me in mind for the role.”

So what is the film about? Sudeep was quoted by a daily, “It is not a period or historical film… but a fantasy film, which is a new genre for all of us in the team. Every subject has a bright and a grey shade. One reason why I agreed to do this project is that Chimbudevan didn’t approach me looking for a villain. He’s done a good job with the characterisation.”

Considering that Vijay and Sudeep are both popular names in their respective film industries, we wonder how will it be when they work together. Sudeep says, “Vijay and I have met a couple of times at social dos. Considering we both are silent, it was quite a task to interact with each other. For an actor of his stature having another actor of equal stature from another industry is a big deal. A lot of people, including Sridevi have been roped in. I am very excited to work with him and looking forward for the project to take off.”

Well, we wonder what roles the two will play in the film. And we hope Chimbudevan doesn’t have a tough time managing all big names like Sudeep, Vijay and Sridevi. Keep watching this space for more updates about the film.Subscribe to me on YouTube