Sunil Grover’s new show promo: Gutthi turns Chutki to take on Kapil Sharma’s Comedy Nights With Kapil!

The funny man who entertained the masses as a woman is all set to woo audiences yet again, this time as Chutki

Sunil Grover, who played one of the most likeable recurring characters (Gutthi) on Kapil Sharma’s popular comedy show Comedy Nights With Kapil, has been in the headlines ever since he decided to quit the show. Rumours insisted that a tiff between Kapil and Sunil was the reason behind the latter’s exit from the funny ha-ha series, while others said that Sunil left CNWK to start his own show on a rival channel. Well, we don’t know if the rumours about trouble between the two comedians are true or not, but the story about Sunil starting a show of his own on a rival channel definitely is. Yes, you read us right!

So will Sunil resurrect his beloved creation Gutthi on his new show? Well, not exactly. After all, the old channel managed to put a legally binding stop to that, no matter that Sunil himself pooh-poohs the idea that he cannot replicate Gutthi anywhere else. The new female character that Grover will introduce on his own show is to be called Chutki. The get-up and body language of Chutki will be similar to Gutthi’s, but different enough to avoid any legal problems. The makers of Sunil’s show have released a promo in which we can see Sunil in his Chutki avatar. Is this Gutthi revisited? You decide!

After watching the clip, we are quite excited to tune in to Sunil’s show. Watch the promo here and tell us how you like it….