Sunny Deol mouths expletives in English

Watch Mr Deol transform from a desi munda to an angrezi bloke

Sunny Deol has packed quite a punch over the years. From beating the hell out of his detractors and threatening the villains in his soft baritone to screaming for justice at the top of his voice, this Punjabi lad has left no stone unturned in entertaining us. So when it struck us that we can have a li’l more fun at this muscular man’s expense, we refused to budge and not let this golden opportunity slip out of our hands. His dialogues have become an anthem and his style is looked up to by almost every hard-core movie buff. And as we go through some of Sunny paaji’s power packed dialogues, we imagine how it would sound if he had blurted them out in English. The Ghayal actor might smash us with his two-and-a-half kilo hand after seeing this, but we know he’s a softie at heart and a great sport!