Sunny Deol reveals on ETC Bollywood Business why he must yell louder than ever!

The macho actor is excited about his new movie Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 starring the famous Deol clan. And Sunny assures us that he will roar louder than ever in this one…

Sunny Deol is a sweetheart! He may not quite command the attention the starry Khan-daan or the Kapoor clan does, but the shy actor is known for his memorable performances in films like Arjun, Ghaayal, Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, Ziddi and Border, to name a few. And while he is all about intense speeches and incredible dhai kilo ka haath wali maar-dhaad, off the screen Sunny is a thorough gentleman. Even his female co-actors and close friends maintain that Sunny growls on the screen, but is a soft-spoken and very shy off it.

These days the 56-year-old is excited about his new movie Yamla Pagla Deewana 2, in which he will be seen with dad Dharmendra and brother Bobby Deol. No need to say that Sunny is trying every trick in the book to create much needed buzz for this one.” We are yelling a lot right now. We make good movies, but we don’t yell out (which is a drawback). So we decided to yell,” said Sunny in his interaction with film trade expert Komal Nahta on ETC Bollywood Buisness recently.

On asking what made the Deol trio to come up with the sequel to the original Yamla Pagal Deewana, besides the fact that the movie did good business, Sunny maintained that the intention was to make people laugh. “We are a family and the bonding we have gives it own originality onscreen. We did an emotional movie (Apne) and then did YPD, which was an out-and-out comedy. We loved the characters and we thought, let’s go ahead and make part 2 as it’s better to make people laugh than to make them cry! We always wanted to do films where the characters are loved and then take them forward. Our characters are so funny and so lovable that we thought we should definitely franchise this,” he added.

So how did the Deol family bond on the sets of Yamla Pagla Deewana 2?

For the answer to that one catch the entire interview on ETC Bollywood Business tonight at 8:30 pm.