Sunny Deol says action is as difficult as making people laugh

The actor clears the misconception that packing punches with the dhaai kilo ka haath is a cakewalk and any Tom, Dick and Harry can do it

We could sense a hint of irritation in the usually gentle Sunny Deol’s voice at the promotional event of I Love NY, when a journo implied that comedy is way more difficult than doing action scenes.Obviously the Gadar: Ek Prem Katha dude wasn’t going to play politically correct games when someone was subtly trying to provoke him. So maintaining his calm, SD said, “I don’t know what is easy or difficult because as good actors we should be able to fit into all kinds of roles and not look awkward. My awkwardness shows only when I dance.”

Although the actor is glad that his fans will get to see his romantic side in this movie, he thinks that action isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. “Earlier I only used to get roles wherein I had to hit people and yell at the top of my voice. In this film I get to show my docile side. But when we talk about dhaai kilo ka haath, it’s the emotional strength that makes my character strong, and that may look easy but it’s not,” said Sunny.

Wethinks SD’s last line implied – Now anyone dare say action is easy, I will punch you in the face then and there…