Sunny Deol: We don’t need the Oscars, we are Indians

Sunny paaji finds the whole deal of Bollywood stars aiming for the Academy Awards very absurd. The actor says keeping fans happy is of prime importance than winning some trophy

Sunny Deol, at the promotions of I Love NY, made sure he was brutally honest as always while having an interaction with the media. The actor – when asked about the whole hype surrounding the Oscars – spoke his mind, and it sounded as if he’s taking a dig at a couple of Oscar crazy Bollywood actors. “We don’t need the Oscars, we are Indians. I don’t know what goes on in the mind of stars who are crazy about these awards. Just make our Indian fans happy. Isn’t that more than enough? I have just felt that we should make films which are great,” he said.

Once Deol got talking, he made sure his lines got spicier every second. Bollywood’s chivalrous action hero had transformed into a man who loves to create controversies, well, just for half a second. So he added with a bang, “When I got my National Award, I was too surprised how I got it. These days everything is manipulated. We make people write our own articles and then get all excited about it and read it in front of other people.”