Sunny Leone and Alia Bhatt fans seek justice, want Kamaal R Khan to be arrested!

Sonam Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri and Zarine Khan fans also want the same…

Kamaal R Khan has been harassing female celebs for a really long time now. With his electoral campaigns going on, he has used his celebrity status to talk ill about women, not just in person but also on his Twitter account. If you recall, we had done a story on whether KRK should get arrested for his ludicrous comments on B-Town women. His comments and tweets had stooped down to a new low and he has not spared any female from his ill mannered comments, be it the sexy Sunny Leone or the 2 States actor Alia Bhatt or Zarine Khan, Sonam Kapoor or Nargis Fakhri.

So when we checked the results of our poll, we saw that the aam aadmi wants Kamaal R Khan to be behind the bars. The voters who have commented on that post want him behind the bars for a very long time as they consider him to be a sick and pathetic human being, who doesn’t respect women at all. According to the voters, 87 percent of them want Kamaal R Khan to be arrested and put behind the bars. We too think that every individual should respect women, and people like KRK who want to acquire a position of power in the government should definitely be respectful towards the fairer sex. What do you say, BollywoodLifers?