Sunny Leone and Taapsee Pannu voice for breast cancer awareness with quirky videos

According to statistics, breast cancer is now the most common cancer in most cities in India, and the second most common in the rural areas. There has been an alarming rise in the number breast cancer patients in India since past years, hence putting us at a place where the issue cannot be and should not be ignored anymore. Taking up the cause of making women aware about breast cancer Aur Dikhao has released a series of smart and quirky videos featuring numerous popular Bollywood beauties. Sunny Leone and Taapsee Pannu feature in two videos that just stand out of the rest. The theme is simple and attention garnering, that is summed up by the quote- “If we women paid as much attention to our breasts as men do, breast cancer cases would reduce to half.” The videos are filmed with POV, from a woman’s perspective, and features various men,who steal a glance at breasts while in a normal routine conversations. After a montage many such pervy men, the POV changes to Taapsee and Sunny breaking the fourth wall and delivering the hard hitting message about breast cancer. Well, if you want to send out a strong message, the messengers need to be known. And Taapsee, with the recent success of Pink, and Sunny are certainly the best choices for these videos. The witty idea of the videos compels you to think.

Taapsee and Sunny are not the only one appearing on the videos. One of the vids also features director Divya Khosla Kumar . The theme of this video is different than the other two mentioned. In this video, Divya is in middle of directing a shot, when time freezes. A confused Divya walks around and the voiceover says that time won’t stop for anyone and you have to take out time to go for a check up. Touche. In India, 60 percent of breast cancer cases are detected at stage 3, so we cannot appreciate these ladies enough to take up the task of inspiring women all over the nation.

The videos are sure to get a good reach, all thanks to the presence of names like Taapsee, Sunny and Divya. Divyanka Tripathi, star of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein also appears in one of the videos, hence increasing the reach to the Television audience as well.