Sunny Leone gets nervous shooting a sex scene!

The pornstar-turned-Bollywood-babe became uneasy while shooting a sex scene with Randeep Hooda for her upcoming film, Jism 2. The two took an entire day to shoot the steamy scene!

Don’t ask us why, but Sunny Leone, the adult film star who is making her Bollywood debut in Jism 2, actually found herself feeling awkward while filming a bedroom scene with Randeep Hooda. And this news has left us shell-shocked! The last thing we had expected from the Canadian import was for her to become shy and awkward doing what she’s known to do best – sex!

And here we were worried about Sunny’s acting skills! We thought that the 31-year-old babe might develop cold feet while showcasing her ability before the camera. But Sunny, much to our surprise, actually got nervous and found it awkward to jump into bed with the dishy Hooda. “Sunny and Randeep were shy with each other, but that worked for me, as they’re meant to be awkward with each other initially in the film. You can do the math now on how many takes it took to shoot the scene,” said Pooja Bhatt, director of Jism 2, in an interview to a daily.

We think Sunny’s awkwardness is the ‘India’ effect. It’s been quite a while since Sunny has shot her last adult film and given the sensitivity we have for an out-an-out skin show, Sunny has covered herself for long enough that she has actually become hesitant to set her ‘talent’ free. We have a piece of advice for Sunny that will definitely help her get over the awkwardness syndrome. Babe, you must do a couple of item songs if you could lay your hands on them. After all, given the minimalistic clothes item girls wear these days and the kind of acts they perform, item songs could easily eliminate every ounce of fear and you will come out at your boldest best, Sunny darling!