Sunny Leone: I am going to eat, live and breathe Bollywood!

The Canada-born Indian actor seems to have loved her first experience with the mad world of Indian entertainment, and that’s why she will return to Bollywood with bigger and better plans, she says. We spoke to Jism 2 hottie Sunny Leone just a few hours before she took off to the city she calls home, Los Angeles

Ever since the release of the much-awaited erotic thriller Jism 2, the Canada-born adult star’s been traversing the length and breadth of the country for a first-hand experience of people’s reactions in cinema halls to her first Bollywood film. And Sunny Leone seems to be enjoying all the eyeballs and ears that are watching and listening to her every breath.

We managed to catch the leading lady of Pooja Bhatt’s Jism 2 just a few hours before she took a flight back to the US. Sunny’s enthusiasm is palpable as she talks about the city screenings tour. “It’s really exciting when you see the benefits of your hard work, and you know that people have spent their hard-earned money on a ticket for your movie. It’s the best feeling. The response has been nothing but amazing!”

However, reviews and trade reports haven’t been too positive for the erotic thriller. What does the hot-bod have to say to that? “Well, I am not sure what they were disappointed in,” said Sunny. “As far as my fans go, I feel better that they have gone and supported me. That’s all about I can ask for. I spoke to so many fans who bought a ticket more than once to watch the film. I guess each person has their own prerogative.”

So far it’s been a joyous journey for the adult star, from Bigg Boss 5 contestant to Hindi film actor. Did she really say ‘yes’ to Pooja Bhatt’s erotic thriller in order to launch her career in B-town? After all, she is already a successful star in her own field, we know. “I know that I have this hardcore Sunny Leone brand and people supported me by watching my film. That’s what I wanted (from Jism 2).”

Even before her first Hindi production released, Sunny had signed Ragini MMS 2 for Balaji’s Alt Entertainment. Does that mean the adult star is serious about a lasting career in Bollywood? “Yes! I have two or three movies in the pipeline that will keep me busy for the next three years, so I am only grateful, thankful and happy that people watched the first – Jism 2. I know I was just being myself and not ‘different’ in the film. So I have to work on and improve a lot of things as an actor in Bollywood. It’s a stepping stone to doing better things. I am looking forward to going home (Los Angeles) and taking Hindi lessons, going for dance lessons and watching Bollywood movies. I am going to be eating, living and breathing Bollywood!”

But isn’t managing a Hindi film career from Los Angeles impractical? Sunny revealed that that’s not her plan. She explained, “Hopefully on my next visit I find a place, even if it’s temporary. I don’t want to travel with six suitcases every single time I come here. It’ll be nice to have a place that I can call home here.”

That’s not all. The adult star intends to go the whole hog to have a successful career in Bollywood. When asked about whether she will dub her own dialogues in her next movie (for Jism 2, Sunny’s lines were dubbed by someone else), she clarified: “Yes, in the next movie they are going to use my voice for some of the scenes, but maybe not all. But because we start shooting for this film in January, there’s going to be a lot of workshops and prepping time. Balaji is not a small production house; it’s a big one. And I am trying to fulfill my end of the bargain as well as I can.”

While the critics weren’t too impressed with Jism 2, the adult star seems to believe that her fans think she fulfilled her side of the deal (to bring oomph and aah to the erotic thriller) with her very first film. All we can do now is wait to watch if she moves beyond the bedroom drama for a real B-town career.