Sunny Leone: I am not ashamed of what I did as an adult star!

The Jackpot actor made a grand entry into Bollywood, however her past image of a porn star still follows her everywhere

Sunny Leone is a bold lady. She might be best known as an adult movie star and now a Bollywood actor, but the actor is proud of her work in both the spheres. Sunny in a recent interview talked about her her work and more. “What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I stopped working as an adult star before I was on Bigg Boss. When I formed my company in LA, that was my exit strategy. I enjoyed what I did and am not ashamed of what I did and am thankful for everything that has happened in my life. The good is I am hard-working and it does not matter what the task is. I take criticism really well or I think I do. I am just a normal girl who, at the end of the day, makes her husband roti and dal- chawal. My rotis may not be round, but I can make them. I am extremely loyal to my friends. I am fun-loving and have a lot of patience. I love Daniel (my husband) the most.”

Sunny Leone