Sunny Leone: I don’t make out with random person

The Jism 2 babe is struggling to break free from her adult star image

Sunny Leone wants to shrug off the pornstar tag. The actor whose sex appeal; has become to highlight of Ragini MMS 2 seems tired of all the hype around her love making scenes. But the blast from the past is following her like her shadow. Sunny in a recent interview candidly described herself and her fears before entering the big bad world of Bollywood. She said,

“I come from a different world. I have seen adult content in films. I have seen different films. For me its about the world. It’s about being believable as a sexy person. I don’t dress up like that in my life and I don’t make out with random person. After few of my films are released and people meet me, will they know that I am a dedicated person. It will take that time. I can’t escape who I am. I am not sorry for the way my life is. However, if I can change one person’s opinion at a time then my job is done. Making people realize that even I am a person and I don’t get on the table and remove clothes or I am not hitting at somebody’s husband and that’s not who I am. I am having fun shooting for films in India and I will continue to do that.”

Sunny Leone