Why is Sunny Leone doing her next film Tina and Lolo with a B-grade director?

We look at the reasons why the Jism 2 babe is doing an action film with an unknown director

Sunny Leone had a great start in Bollywood. From appearing in Bigg Boss 5, to becoming the only contestant from the reality show to successfully launch a career in B-town and star in an A-list movie, no one else has managed to rejuvenate their careers the way Sunny did.

And after her debut Jism 2 got favourable reviews, the actor bagged another A-list project Ragini MMS 2 , with an ace director like Ekta Kapoor. In between, the adult actor was also reportedly paid a bomb (read: Rs 1 crore) for a New Year’s Eve performance in Delhi; something not even established actors got. Meaning everything was just going well for Sunny.

So what really got our goat was the buxom babe choosing to do an action film called Tina and Lolo next! And our grouse is not with her doing action films, but with the choice of the director of her next film. The filmmaker Devang Dholakia has in the past produced lesser known films like 3 Nights 4 Days and Marega Salaa, both of which we have rarely heard about. And we’re sure these weren’t doing the rounds of the international film festival circuits either! His only movie worth mentioning would be Ek Din 24 Ghante starring Rahul Bose and Nandita Das which sank without a trace in 2003.

Now allegedly, Sunny was so excited on hearing the story that she started hopping around, punching and kicking the air with glee! We wonder what sort of Oscar winner of a story did the director narrate to poor Sunny that she’s so taken in by it! And we suggest she check the credentials of the people she plans to work with, being foreign to the ways of B-town. Because really, in B-town, doing a handful of films one after the other regardless of who is making it, is nothing but a slow career suicide! And bigger stars have done a similar mistake. We just don’t want to see our oh-so-sexy starlet succumb to bad choices so early in her career!