Sunny Leone launches PeTA’s adopt a stray dog campaign

The Jism 2 actor was recently spotted making an earnest appeal to people around to spay their pets

 Sunny Leone has taken up the cause of spreading the message of adopting stray dogs. She unveiled the PETA poster which read: Birth control! Dogs need it too. As the paparazzi went all ballistic, Leone still maintained her calm and greeted everyone with a warm smile. Sunny made sure she put forth her vehement opinions at a press conference. The adult star-cum-actor ignored questions that were not even remotely related to the cause. And despite repeated warnings, when a journo asked the babe something about her career, Leone quipped in her usual effervescent tone, “We are here to talk only about neutering our pets and nothing else.”

In order to spread awareness about the cause, Leone said, “You can’t continue the cycle of creating life that can’t be taken care of.”  The actor did her bit and helped people understand the importance of sterilisation of dogs, and said that she has adopted two dogs too. Go for it, Sunny! You are doing a good job of spreading a valuable message…