Sunny Leone prefers to kiss girls over boys – Watch video!

The makers of Ragini MMS 2 have released a video in which we get to watch the lesbian lip-lock between Sunny and her co-star Sandhya Mridul

Sunny Leone has left no stone unturned in her upcoming horrex film Ragini MMS 2. A few days ago, we witnessed the sexy Sunny Leone’s orgasm scene driving the crew (especially the men) out of the sets. And then a picture of a lesbian kiss between the former Canadian pornstar and her co-star Sandhya Mridul was leaked on the internet space. Well, now we have come across a video of the same.

And after watching the video, it seems that both Sandhya and Sunny quite enjoyed the lip-lock. While Mridul found it “first class”, Sunny on the other hand admits, “Girls are lot nicer than boys are.” Now that’s a confession we didn’t see coming. Anyway, the same sex lip-lock would not have been so difficult for the former adult film actor, but it’s quite evident that Sandhya must have had a tough time. Quite sporting of her, we must say. Also, for those of you who don’t know, Neetu Chandra and Richa Chaddha had declined working for Ragini MMS 2 because they were asked to do this particular smooching scene with the sexy Sunny Leone.

While the kiss itself is a part of a truth or dare scene, we aren’t sure if there were other B-town babes who would have dared to kiss Ms Leone the way Sandhya did, hai na?

Here, watch the kiss between Sunny Leone and Sandhya and tell us if you enjoyed it, as much as this duo did. Wink, wink!