Sunny Leone uses ‘Bigg Boss 5’ to promote her adult films!

With the popular reality show Bigg Boss featuring all over her official adult website, Sunny Leone has been fetching eyeballs to maximum benefits. The adult movie star may face eviction from the house if she doesn’t stop using the show’s name

C’mon let’s not kid ourselves about this! We all know that many are keying in Sunny Leone in the search engines on the net and watching her adult videos with an ‘oh-we-are-simply-checking-out-her-colourful-portfolio’ excuse. It’s an indisputable fact that Sunny’s entry in Bigg Boss has sky rocketed her popularity and her searchability in the cyberspace has become a cause of envy for many. Bigg Boss has certainly given a boost to Sunny’s career, but now the 30-year-old has landed herself in big trouble by using the show’s name to promote porn on her website! It is learnt that Sunny’s website has messages that read, ‘As seen on Bigg Boss Season 5’, ‘Now watch her strip down and be naughty’ and ‘See why the world is obsessed with Sunny Leone’. She has been warned by the officials that she has to stop using the channel and show’s name on her website or else a strict action will be taken against her. Sunny could also face elimination from the show if she doesn’t comply. The channel made this move in response to a direction by Broadcasting Content Complaints Council, the content regulatory body in India. Considering that Sunny Leone aka Karen Malhotra has become the hottest flavour of this seasons’ Bigg Boss, will her loyal fans stand by her to prevent her eviction? Let’s wait and watch!