Sunny Leone wants to leave her sexy pornstar image and career behind and look forward to Bollywood!

The adult star carries a huge baggage on her back it seems

Sunny Leone should be celebrating the success of her first hit film in Bollywood. After all Sunny’s sex appeal managed to beat Kangana Ranaut’s acting prowess at least as far as box office collection is concerned. While Kangy’s movie made Rs 55 crores in four weeks, Sunny managed to a whopping Rs 40 crore collection in mere two weeks. However, she Sunny has one anguish that people are still stuck to her pornstar image.

Sunny said in a recent interview, “Hurt would be a strong words. But yes, I am surprised by how vehement the naysayers are in their opposition. I have nothing against them. But I want them to know I am working hard to make a career, just like everyone else in every profession. And Ragini MMS 2 is the answer to all those who thought I could do only one thing. Everyone has a past. We all grow from one level to another. I don’t understand why it is so difficult for some people to accept that I’ve made a natural progression from one phase in my life to another. Now I’m working very hard on my career as a Bollywood actress, though I am a long way from getting a hang of it. I only wish some elements would be more open-minded about my intentions.”

Well, babe all we would like to say Ms Leone is that keep your success rolling and very soon talks will shift from past to the future, right BollywoodLifers?

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