Sunny Leone’s look in ‘Jism 2’: Nothing hot about it!

Maybe the makers of Jism 2 are excited about experimenting with Leone’s looks. But guess they got it all wrong…

Pornstar Sunny Leone has shared one of her looks (above) from Jism 2 on microblogging site Twitter. According to the film’s script Sunny plays the role of a body double for a soft porn actor in the movie. While Mahesh Bhatt said in an interview that the scenes will have to be within the ‘lakshman rekha’ (read within limits) of Bollywood, the plot and Sunny’s presence have definitely upped the expectations of viewers. Just when we were quite happy dreaming about the steamy quotient of Jism 2, Sunny appeared in a Katrina Kaif lookalike avatar to burst our naughty bubble. Ouch! Looks like Leone dropped some of her oomph factor on her way to becoming an actor in tinsel town from an international pornstar. Disappointing, isn’t it?

No doubt Bhatt wanted to stay within the limits. But then what about Sunny’s USP, Bhatt saab? Imagine Sunny wearing this lukewarm look throughout the movie. Sigh! We shudder at the mere thought of it.