Sunny Leone’s triple treat!

The Jackpot actor will have three releases over the next six months

Sunny Leone has three releases round the corner. While Kaizad Gustad’s Jackpot releases in December, Ekta Kapoor’s horror film Ragini MMS2 releases in January 2014. Also, Tina And Lolo will hit the screens in April. Currently, Sunny has been shooting and dubbing around the clock.

She shoots during the day and does dubbing in the night.

Although RMMS2 was the second film she’d signed, the film was delayed and now Jackpot will technically be her second release. Sunny says, “I am not upset about Jackpot releasing before Ragini MMS2. I don’t get involved when productions want to release.” The actor adds that she’s happy to have two very different films coming out, “I am excited to let fans see that I can act in very different roles. Each film I do now will show a different side of me as I want to keep making sure I keep my fans surprised with new and unique roles.”