Posted Wed, May 8, 2013 2:14pm IST

Even as the actor says that the two techies apologised to him and admitted that they created a ruckus only to grab the star’s attention at the traffic signal, the Telangana lawyers demand a suo motu case against Ram Charan Teja

Sunday’s assault of two motorists by Telugu actor Ram Charan Teja’s bodyguards has raised widespread anger. Now, the Telangana Advocates Joint Action Committee (TAJAC) wants the Hyderabad police to register a suo motu case against the actor and his bodyguards for allegedly beating up two software professionals.

TAJAC leaders made a representation to the Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma demanding that a case be booked against Ram Charan and his private bodyguards for beating up techies Kalyan and Phanish.

The techies said that while they were driving towards Panjagutta and had stopped at a signal, the car behind theirs (Ram Charan’s) kept honking repeatedly. When they didn’t make way, there was an argument and they were attacked by the actor’s bodyguards, Kalyan and Phanish alleged. They chose not to register a case. Now, the advocates are claiming that the techies were ‘threatened and intimidated in the police station to not lodge any complaint.’

Meanwhile, the star maintains that the techies did apologise to him. He said, “The two boys came and apologised for their rash driving and bad behaviour. They did submit a letter at the police station stating they put up this drama on the road with the intention to grab my attention near the traffic signal. The cops really carried out the inquiry well and got to know what really happened. Thereafter, they didn’t lodge a complaint. I am thankful for their sense of fair play.”

(With inputs from IANS)