Sushant Singh Rajput-Ankita Lokhande to marry this year?

Mon, January 21, 2013 4:48pm IST by
Sushant Singh Rajput-Ankita Lokhande to marry this year?

The Kai Po Che actor has mentioned his impending wedding time and again in the interviews. What’s up?

Sushant Singh Rajput brought in his 27th birthday yesterday night amidst television friends whom girlfriend Ankita Lokhande had invited for a surprise birthday bash. Sushant, who is currently busy fulfilling his commitments on the big screen, had hoped for a quiet dinner with Ankita. But his darling girlfriend was of the opinion that this day ought to be special given that it’s a significant one for her beau.

But amidst all this talk about the surprise birthday party, birdies close to Sushant and Ankita revealed that the couple, who are as good as married to each other, might have a ceremonious wedding just for the sake of their conservative families.

What’s more, when the Kai Po Che actor was quizzed about his marriage to Ankita in a recent interview, he said, “Most probably, this year only.” Ahem ahem. So here’s one couple who doesn’t believe in looking the other way when the M-topic is broached, unlike…errmm…need we name the celebs who do? Wink, wink.

So all the best for your blissful marriage plans, Sushant and Ankita. And yeah, while the couple plan their future, you tell us, peeps: Do you think Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande make a good jodi?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Mimi

    They make are a beautiful couple.I love them.

    • Punam

      I don’t think he is handsome but her girfriend Ankita she is so beautiful.

  • Anil

    No…I don’t like they pairing at all. I hate Ankitha. Sushant pls break off with her.

  • Susan

    Sushant is a handsome and shy guy. I do not like Ankitha. She is too full of herself and wants to pile on him. She parades herself in front of the camera and shutterbugs only to be in the limelight. She thinks she is another Ashwariya

  • Ashis

    I’m big fan of Ankita.She is sooooooo cute.<3

  • dibya kumari pattnaik

    mujhe aap dono ki jodi bahat achi lagti hai
    app dono hamesa khus raho
    aap dono phir se koi serial karo zee tv par
    pabitra rista mei aap dono ki kami horahi hai
    aap dono wapas ajao
    aap dono ko dekh kar main aur mere pati apne pyar ko yaad karte hai
    thank u

  • Gauri

    They make a really really cute couple. Sushant is good looking. Ankita is extremely beautiful with a great smile and screen presence. They made Archana and Manav as memorable characters symbolizing true love and loyalty.

  • Kamini

    I am a very big fan of Ankita lokhande & Rajput

    Aaj se aap ki jeevan mein khushiya ho
    Mata ka vas ho
    Unati ka sar par taj ho
    Aap dono mein suk aur shanti ho
    Yahi meri duwa ho

    Fiji Islands

  • safeena

    iam very big fan sushaant but not ankita she so nakhre waali she things that she is soooooooooooooo beautiful but she is not.

  • Anushka

    They make a really cute couple. I’m a big fan of sushant…..I luv u sushant:-*_:-*_:-* <3 ankita looks very good n she is cute:-*

  • Anshul & Tanishqua

    Hi Ankita and Sushant.I am very big fan to you Ankita and Sushant.Sushant is very good looking. Ankita is a very beautiful with a great smile and sooooooooooo cute. They are both very beautiful couple in the world.I am very miss you both in Pavitra Rishta.

  • Anshul & Tanishqua

    Hi Ankita, I am very happy and my sister also.I am and my sister thankful to you.You are come back in Pavitra Rishta.I am and my sister seen the Pavitra Rishta daily.You are very beautiful and soooooooo cute in all the episodes in Pavitra Rishta.I am very big fan to you and my sister also.
    Thank You,
    Anshul and Tanishqua

  • preeti

    no i dont like ankita at all so plz sushant brk off with her

  • Salina

    Sushant We miss u lot in Pavitra Rishta so pls Come back I am your big Fan We Luv You Lot My all Best Wishes With You Please Come lu Mu……..

  • Raj

    I don’t think it’ll work..all male are same..
    I like Susant very much,he is tallented,his role in Pavitra Rista suits him..he is best in his sober,romantic role..but its too much in the movie Suhdh desi romance..he should not do such bold scenes with two co-stars, when he has his sweet,lovely would be Ankita Lokhande..if he loves Ankita..he shouldn’t do such scenes…..

    I have one question that- are kissing,sex,nudeness necessary to prove oneself a best actor or actress??

    but what to do..I pray for Ankita.. God bless her with his love Susant…..

  • sweety

    nice couple but sushant so cute……….

  • basanti

    yes, i think sushant & ankita make a good jodi. i agree with them

  • karar

    great couple and when will they get married

  • sweety

    Sushant u r soooooooooooo cuute i luv ur smile u r vry handsome guy. Ankita she is beautiful girl u both were a cute couple plz sushant come back in tv serial i am a
    big big fan of ur’$


    Sweet sweety

  • sweety

    I luv u sushant .

  • payal jadhav

    nice jodi bt sushant is looking cool

  • Sara

    I wish the best for them and wish to get mirred sooon.

    the best sushant and ankita in your’s life.

  • Alia

    Love U sushant n ankita
    U guyz roCKkk <3
    U R The beSsssTttttttttttt couple

  • kmn

    ankita is dominating and hot tempered.. she even slaps him in public.hard to handle as life partner. ankita does not look beautiful without make up..her curly hair and dark eye circle pops up..sushant deserves better one