Sushmita Sen has a new lover?

Sushmita Sen has a new lover?

He happens to be a lot younger than her – what fun!

We were idly surfing a fashion site that is all about the seamy side of everything stylish and found some news that we thought was absolutely delicious. It seems that the divine diva Sushmita Sen has moved on from all the men she was known to be involved with to a little stud muffin who happens to be all of 22 years old. His name, we are told, is Imtiyaz Khatri, and he is a real estate businessman who has big dreams of making luxury lifestyles affordable for a mass buying public. The connection we heard about was that he – or his company, INK – is title sponsor for India Resort Fashion Week, on in Goa right now. According to the buzz, our gal Sush is be at the finale showcase of Manish Malhotra’s designs and everyone is waiting to see her after too long, this time hopefully with her latest arm-candy, the toy boy. Of course, we will give her benefit of the doubt – she could, after all, just be showing him the…err…ropes of fashion’s finest foibles, or he could be the son of a friend, a new protégé for her beauty pageant business or even a child she has recently adopted. Well, we may be stretching things a bit there, but we certainly like Sushmita’s style, down to her attitude!


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  • rock

    loking so sexy.

    • zakir naik

      allah ne kafir se shaadi karney se mana kiya hai imtiyaz bete. is laundi ko pehle islam qubool karwao!

      • hi

        dk bose chup

      • susmita sen

        tu apni pehle maa chudwa..kisi kaafir se ..phir main islam qabool karungi..

      • mohd ahmed

        zakir naik to pork kilana padega

  • bhagat

    mam to kafi ache hai baki ……………………….

  • Reetu patel

    Susmita will first date this 22 yrs boy. Once she is fed up of him she will adopt.

  • ashwani

    She is has been away from love
    tell me how many of our arrange marriages where u see an 40 yrs man marry to 20 yrs girl!!

    if a girl who is celebrity also do the same its an objectionable?i dont buy it.

    I prey she get all happiness she is wishing from this relationship.

    Cheers :)

  • sai


  • sujeet

    q mem hum 30 k hai hume bhi dekh lo….

  • sukhraj singh

    hello ami apna k balo bashi.
    amar sunga marrieg karbo

  • imtiyaz kathri

    Naik, men kahan as se shadi karun ga, men tho as ki chudai enjoy kar raha hun, sush is so hot, she likes young guys with big lund…cheers