Sushmita Sen’s wardrobe malfunction: C’mon, give her a break!

We wonder why the press and the critics are making such a huge hue and cry about Sen’s fashion faux pas. Her dress was a tad short and she absentmindedly sat in a way that gave a fleeting glimpse of her underpants….so what?

Sushmita Sen was seen welcoming the newly crowned Miss Asia Pacific at a recent press conference. The Bong babe opted for a pretty tube dress. And as she got super busy addressing the media, Ms Sen forgot to keep tabs on the way she was sitting, which resulted in a wardrobe malfunction.So as her dress went up a few inches higher, instead of covering up by crossing her legs, unfortunately she opted for a position that gave anyone watching a view of her undies. We all know that the Bong babe loves to dole out precious pearls of wisdom and when you get this ex- Ms Universe talking, she can go on and on about everything under the sun. Now we are sure that Ms Sen got so engrossed in chit-chatting that she overlooked the shocked glances that she was attracting.
All we can say is, spare the lady, people! She doesn’t belong to the Poonam Pandey league who will be pleased with this kinda attention.