Sussanne Khan retains Hrithik Roshan’s surname even after separation!

Thu, April 17, 2014 6:03pm IST by
Sussanne Khan retains Hrithik Roshan’s surname even after separation!
Yogen Shah

This star wife certianly manages to surprise us each time

Sussanne Khan was a star wife until Hrithik Roshan announced his separation with her in an official statement. However, veteran actor Sanjay Khan’s daughter in a recent statement said that she still holds her ex’s surname. In a recent interview when she was quizzed about her name post parting ways with the Bang Bang actor, she quipped, “Sussanne Roshan, of course.” Well, Ms Roshan manages to spring a surprise each time.

Unlike other celebrity couples, Sussanne and Hrithik parted ways and maintained strict silence over personal matters. She continued to meet her friends and even a certain Arjun Rampal who was accused of breaking the Roshan’s solid thirteen years of marriage. While Suzoo might not have openly discussed her reasons for separation, she said “The important thing is knowing that you are not doing anything wrong. Just because two people are not together doesn’t mean that they have a bad relationship. Whether it is as an entrepreneur, as a mother or as an ex, you have to be true to yourself.”

And while Sussanne could have taken a whiny sad route to recovery, she was the cool hands on mom with a job to do. She again surprised us when she changed the identical tattoo she and Duggu shared. Well and now by correcting the misconception most of us had, Ms Khan oops Ms Roshan still retains her Hrithik connection and is to be officially referred to as Sussanne Roshan, we like!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Cattypuss

    Sussanne is playing blatant mind games with Hrithik>stands out like a sore thumb. First she leaves him while barely out of hospital,takes the kids,parties like no tomorrow, tells anyone that will listen how ‘fabulous’ she feels, and that ‘she’s at peace’, gets her tattoo redesigned and adds a rather pointed postscript to the new star…..’follow your sunshine’. She’s waging a psychological war on Hrithik and he has no defense against it. It’s a deliberate campaign on her part>wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she isn’t being coached by Guari Khan and Arjun Rumphal>then she has the gall to say she’s keeping the name. If she had any self respect she would drop it immediately after the official divorce comes through. People need to back off before Hrithik is pushed too far. He doesn’t deserve this ongoing campaign to destabilize him at a personal level and damage his career.

  • Cattypuss

    Oh yeah>as a postscript>Hrithik hasn’t said anything to the press since his official December statement. You don’t see him playing stupid mind games like altering his tattoo, especially the one on his inner wrist with Susanne’s name on it, and he hasn’t removed her photo from his Twitter account. He’s being quiet about the split and hasn’t made any gratuitous remarks about how he feels about it to the ever voracious media, other than to say he accepts full responsibility. So when is Susanne going to accept her side of responsibility? We all know he is in turmoil, but those that care for him will always give their unqualified support.

  • Oumou Sall

    Normal ! qui connait Sussanne (Khan) ? personne.

  • Suzy

    @catty, were u there during their breakup. Every story has 2 sides, she is not blaming anyone, just that the media blows it out of proportion, I still think they are a great couple and hopefully will get back together, especially for their wonderful kids.

    • Cattypuss

      Correct>a marriage bust up does have two sides>pity she doesn’t stop doing what I described above, trying to make out she’s erasing him completely from her life. He isn’t doing silly things like this, is he? No, he isn’t. He’s remaining quiet and keeping his head down. The only statement he has made since December was during his Myntra interview where he said he took responsibility for what is going on with his life. Susanne is playing it for all it’s worth and it stands out like a rocky outcrop.