Sussanne no longer a Roshan?

Sussanne no longer a Roshan?

Where once she identified herself as Sussanne Roshan, Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife now prefers to be known as Sussanne Khan

The news of Hrithik and Sussanne Roshan’s split had taken the entire country by a storm. Where we all thought this couple was in the ‘happily ever after’ list, our bubbles were burst after we heard that Sussanne had filed for a divorce from beau Hrithik Roshan. After being married for 13 long years, their separation was a shocking event and was hard hitting for the family as well as the fans.

They knew each other since childhood but dated four years prior to their marriage in 2000. The couple has two sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan.

Sussanne was recently in the news for having stated that she wished to retain her maiden name Roshan, even though she split from hubby Hrithik Roshan. It seems this beauty has changed her mind after all. She is now being noticed for signing off her mails as Sussanne ‘Khan’ instead of Roshan. We hear that Sussanne has been granted the grace period by the Indian courts to reconsider her decision in case she wants to. But looks like she unlikely to turn back and change it again.

Well what’s in a name? Whatever name Sussanne eventually picks, we love her just the same!

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  • social butterfly

    Gosh! It is painful to hear this.

  • Zeeela

    why do u guys love her? what is there to love about her she broke her husband’s heart who was keen to reconcile with her for the sake of kids, but she has broken the family for those kids too.

  • Oumou Sall

    Bravo sussanne.

  • Cattypuss

    Hasn’t this woman done enough to humiliate her husband in public? It was bad enough when she left before he even recovered from surgery. Then she had to make an issue of re-designing her tattoo,partying with the Rampals, and playing the big time business woman with Hrithik’s money, and now this.The divorce doesn’t even become final until the 31st Oct. At least she could have waited until the marriage was officially dissolved.Say’s a LOT about her as a person! Cheap and nasty stunts to get back a him. Meanwhile Roshan has remained dignified in his silence. Has allowed her to retain custody of the boys. He hasn’t challenged that, but if she tries to change the boys names to Khan, that will definitely change.Roshan has weathered the storm to date. But the line in the sand will be those sons of his.

    • aisha

      Would you rather prefer that she kept the name? And to change the children’s surname ? don’t think she would do that y would she?, I’ve seen interviews where she praised him as a father. Hrithik knows quite well that’s she’s a good mother, she was the one who took care of and is still taking care of them while he spends long hours at work. That’s y he didn’t bother to contest the custody, or do u think he will leave his boys in the custody of an unfit parent?, i don’t think he is that stupid. Whatever happened was btw them and no one has the right to make conclusions or assumptions especially when it comes to their children .

      • Cattypuss

        You are entitled to your opinion. I’m still sticking to mine.

  • aisha

    Hrithik made a statement saying he takes responsibly 4 what has happened after he apologized for making a statement that alluded that the divorce was becos of sussane. “Taking responsibilty doesn’t make him innocent”. To assume that all these is happening because of her is very unfair especially because of no one really knows what happened ( The last straw that broke the camel’s back) Sussane never said anything cos it’s better that way. For worth it’s worth she still is the mother of his children and she knows any nasty tell all’s will have a negative effect on them. Hrithik is not the only victim here everyone is.
    I respect sussane for being strong enough to leave a relationship that she probably feels has reached a dead end 4 reasons best known to her. I respect 4 not being afraid to leave the “super star”. She married him b4 he became one so she knows him more than any of his fans ever will.
    Atleast the divorce wasn’t messy and she didn’t ask an outrageous amount 4 alimony . Who knows, they might become better friends now that they r appart, wouldn’t that be a less toxic environment 4 any kid?