Sussanne: You cannot blame Arjun Rampal for my separation from Hrithik Roshan

Sussanne has put to rest all the buzz surrounding her relationship with good friend Arjun

Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne’s separation took their family, friends and fans by surprise. When Hrithik issued a statement to the media announcing his split with wife Sussanne, there were also rumours doing rounds about the reason why the once ‘it’ couple of B-town was heading for a separation. Reports suggested that Sussanne growing proximity with Hrithik’s good friend Arjun Rampal was what caused trouble in their marriage. However soon after this Arjun Rampal too issued a statement denying all these reports. Rumour mills were pouring out details of how Arjun’s wifey Mehr Jessia was mighty pissed with her hubby and even suspected that her husband had gotten too close for comfort with friend Sussanne on the pretext of supporting her during tough times.

However yesterday’s scene at Bandra 190 store launch had stark contrast to all that was said and heard in the last few days. Friends of the Roshans came in full support of Sussanne everyone from Arjun Rampal-Mehr Jessia, Shahrukh and Gauri Khan, Salman Khan, Arbaaz and Malaika Arora Khan were present. Not only that, Sussanne also decided to clear Arjun’s name from the rumours, she said, “You can’t blame anyone for this. It is sad to blame anyone. We are close-knit friends. It’s not right to blame anyone. There is no reason. Sometimes you have to do this because of a situation.”

The Rock On!! actor too decided to take this opportunity and clear his name, the actor told reporters, “If Sussanne and Hrithik are happy staying separately they should, one should close and old chapter and start a new one. I have stood by Sussanne because she is like my family member.”