Suvreen Guggal: Will RC call Suvreen back to Iris?

The secret is finally out and everyone knows that Pepper is Suvreen’s pseudo name

Channel V’ Suvreen Guggal – Topper of the Year has been seeing a lot of drama in the recent episodes ever since Malini (Manini Dey Mishra) tried to scam Rehaan Charles (Mohit Malik) and take over his fashion company, Iris. But when Suvi (Smriti Kalra) decides to help someone, she goes all out. She not only stole back Iris’ contract papers but also saved the company from a huge loss.

However, she then decides to come clean and tell RC that she has been working under the alternate name Pepper for extra cash. She is the sole provider of her family from the time her father was sacked. However RC while sympathising with his best student is hurt that she lied about her pseudo identity. Of course Ira (Simple Kaul) believes that Suvreen is the cause for all their troubles.

Suvi packs her bags and bids farewell to everyone. RC wants to stop her but refrains from saying or doing anything.

While her professional life is in jeopardy, her love life too has hit rock bottom. Yuvraj (Shivin Narang) had given Suvi an ultimatum. She has to choose Iris or him; she chooses Iris and her boyfriend walks out of her life.

Will Suvreen go back to Delhi or will she continue designing outfits as Pepper? Guess only time will tell us that, right?


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