Sweetheart No 1 of Indian Tellyland – Drashti Dhami, Sanaya Irani, Sukirti Kandpal or Surbhi Jyoti…?

Posted Fri, April 26, 2013 1:55pm IST

Bahus or betis – they are icons and role models for fans across the globe. While some identity with their characters – God alone knows how or even why – for some, she is an inspiration. The ladies of Indian television create waves…so which is your sweetheart?

Be it Drashti Dhami’s undying, all-giving love as Madhubala Kundra, or Sanaya Irani’s practical and 21st century nature as Chhanchhan. Or perhaps Sukirti Kandpal’s remixed outlook of life as Simran or maybe Chandni Bhagwanani’s understanding and compromising nature trying to make her marriage work as Amita. Even Surbhi Jyoti’s naughty and helpful nature as Zoya Farooqui…the viewers love it all. These actors depict the modern women of today – at least, some of them do – and that’s why we like them so much. So if you are hooked to your idiot box because of any of these stars, simply vote and tell us who your favourite sweetheart on Indian daily soaps is…

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  • misscrazyfan

    SANAYA is number one actress ever

  • gourav

    drashti dhami is far better than any of these mentioned. madhubala is the best. my favourite is drashti for role madhu

  • Farzina

    Sanaya Irani is the best…luv her sooooo muchhhh…


    madhubala is superb . where is shwetha tiwarfi aka sweety aluwhalia sweety is missing. i dnt like sanaya new show.

  • irsa

    no doubt sanaya irani


    madhubala is superb . where is shwetha tiwarfi aka sweety aluwhalia sweety is missing. i dnt like sanaya new show.gia aka jeenia is missing who is good. shweta tiwari is also superb. deepika singh aka sandhya is good whos is misisng.

  • Nika

    Who cares. Another desperate attempt to rise TPR. Toral destroy Anandi character. No one wants to watch scenes with her. We wanted to see Prats in those scenes, not Toral disgusting face. Millions of viewers still want Prats. We all stopped to watch the show.

    • Babita

      You’re funny

  • saba

    sanaya Irani so cuteeeeeeee n sweeet I luv her acting .
    keep it up sweety…

  • fatima

    zoya is awesome and so sakshi tanwar natural and from heart dey act .

  • mahjabeen

    I luv jennifer she is so simple n gorgeous..

  • jyoti_1991

    love u SANAYA IRANI

  • Sreepriya

    Drashti Dhami for the Simple reason that she has Guts to opt for Different roles & most importantly Breathing Life n soul into the characters . Her current one Madhubala is Craze over Youth & Elderly people alike .

  • barbiebala

    SANAYA IRANI u rocks
    i love u so much

  • Aditi

    Drasthi dhami as madhubala is the best. Luv uu

  • Pratik

    Drasthi u r rocking as madhubala. All the best

  • Tina

    Surbhi Jyoti – adorable and unbelievably gorgeous. Love her portrayal of Zoya.

  • Saba Saifi

    Sanaya Irani is the best
    the queen of Tellywood.

  • ananya

    Drashti Dhami is the best. She is the true DIVA of Indian Television. Beauty with brains. She mesmerizes us with her screen presence. Its a pleasure to watch her. She brings smile on our faces. She is the most versatile actress. She is an amazing human being, very honest, down to earth. Luv her loads.

  • kushi shravs


  • sandipan

    sanaya & sukiti is too simple and good actor i like they.

  • fatima

    drashti is best

  • jos

    sanaya and dristi

  • Aanam

    Its only…”DRASHTI DHAMI” love u DD & may God bless u alwz….

  • Supriyagovilkar

    Sanaya irani bestest actress

  • Rahul


  • Yogesh

    One n only one sanaya irani

  • pihu


  • olfa-tunisia

    elle la seule et l’unique actrice talentueuse …… belle à ravir c’est bien sur notre amour SANAYA IRANI

  • tulip

    Surbi is the best

  • tanshi chaturvedi

    only drashti best and sweetest girl in tely wood



  • fatima tanveer

    sanaya and only sanaya is the bessssssssst no one can compete with her……………so my vote goes to sanaya

  • bharti

    SANAYA, SANAYA and SANAYA only.I find it very surprising that
    she is still not in BOLLYWOOD.What is wrong with the BOLLYWOOD PRODUCERS if they can cast any TALENTLESS IMPORTS why not SANAYA an INDIAN BORN ACTRESS with beauty and bucket load of talent.

    • kiran kosma

      sanaya irani rocks

  • anju

    sanaya irani is the best….

  • nisha

    drashti dhami is the best. she is great actress. love you angel.

  • nigargul

    one and only sanaya

  • Naz

    Drashti Dhami

  • sanju

    ofcourse the lovely sanaya!!

  • Baruninggg

    Drashti only that Sanaa is too ugly to be in this list

    • Sara

      may be sanaa ugly :p
      but SANAYA is the bestttt
      most gorgeous actress of indian tv
      u people can just talk rubbish nothing more :p

  • Drashti dimples

    Drashti dhami…bas

  • Farii

    Drashti Dhami is the besttt..she is a true diva…

  • Miss Perfectiie

    DRASHTI DHAMI IS A TRUE STAR!! She’s queen of telivision

  • manu

    Sanaya is the true sweetheart <3

  • Sara

    Sanaya is the bestttttttt

  • darling irani

    love u soooooooooooooooo much SAnaya
    u are simply the besttttt!!!

  • tayaba

    sanaya only
    she rocksss

  • faaria

    love you sanaya!!!
    u rock

  • SiLhA


  • Apara

    Sanaya no doubt
    the sweetest girl present on tv

  • Guru

    the one and only sanaya irani!!!

  • Luvusanaya

    who else Sanaya

  • Sanayaholic

    Sanaya Irani

  • Atul

    Sanaya irani queen of television.

  • Vishal

    Sanaya irani i love her.

  • Vishal

    Sanaya my most versatile actress.

  • Rahul khandagle


  • Kunal

    Love u SANAYA as sammira, gunjan,khushi,chanchan

    • Sweetheart Sanaya

      Sanaya Irani

  • Darshini


  • Kunal

    Love u SANAYA as sammira, khushi,gunjan, n now CHANCHAN

  • Sandeep

    Keep rocking angle,sanny,tintin my SANAYA IRANI

  • Akshay

    Only SANAYA IRANI should be win

  • roopal

    go gunjan
    she is so beautiful and the best

  • booldi

    gunjan is the best

  • Jenifer

    The queen of expression only one actress SANAYA IRANI

  • Jenifer

    The queen of expression only one actress SANAYA IRANI

  • Faizan

    SANAYA IRANI my khushi chanchan. Love u SANAYA

  • Lovearshi

    SANAYA IRANI most talented,prettiest actress.

  • atul

    i love her

  • karan

    giunjan has great personality
    so my vote goes for gunjan

  • priya

    is so nice and she is new and did good in SSLPK so gunjan rock

  • godu

    gunjan is my fav

  • pritam

    gunjan is my fav too

  • bollywood

    i agree withe four of you
    gunjan is the best and i also love sanaya

  • boohli

    go go go go gunjan and sanaya
    gunjan is so beautiful

  • Love Sarun

    Sanaya Irani- Queen of hearts

  • Sweet Sanaya

    Sanaya Irani defines beauty

  • frelan

    Pls, don’t torture us with this so-called actress Toral.
    She is not Anandi, nothing of social issue anymore. Iconic character of Anandi is smashed with this face and scenario.

  • Aru

    Drasthi dhami is best as madhubala

  • drashti dewani

    only drashti, she is the bestest and telly diva

  • dacasa

    it real all good show

  • Rabia muzafar

    sanaya is the best….. She becomes a sole of every character that she plays..
    She is the queen of expressions…….
    Proud 2 be a fan of sanny

  • THe Sweetheart

    One and only Sanaya Irani who created Gunjan, Khushi and ChhanChhan

  • Twinkle

    No doubt ,Zoya is best………..

    • BABUL

      Yes u r right joya is the best.

  • sonam

    No Doubt Chanchan is best………….

  • barbiebala

    sanaya irani is the best
    im ur die hard fan
    she is the best and awesome actress

  • sharey

    only sanaya <3

  • asmara

    sanaya u r grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr8
    u are the besttt

  • babees

    Zoya surbhi is best

  • ananya2010

    Drashti Dhami is the best. She is a DIVA is true sense. Proud to be your fan. You are talented and versatile actress. Beauty with brains. You rock.

  • rudhi

    sukirti is the best


    Joya is the best

  • Sarunlove

    Love u SANAYA u r best.

  • Barunlovearnav

    SANAYA IRANI is most beautiful,talented actress.

  • Sanayabarun

    SANAYA IRANI we love u very much. Keep rocking chanchan. We miss u SANAYA as khushi

  • Kohli4ever

    Surbhi Jyoti <3
    Amazing actress, beautiful and definitely my sweetheart!

  • AngleSanaya

    We only love SANAYA IRANI queen of expression.


    My vote goes to only my princess SANAYA IRANI

  • Deepchops@lovesarun

    SANAYA IRANI we really love u as gunjan,khushi,n now CHANCHAN.

  • Arnavkhushi

    SANAYA IRANI ONLY SANAYA my angle,tintin,sanny.

  • Arshilove

    SANAYA IRANI sanaya sanaya sanaya sanaya sanaya sanaya sanaya sanaya

  • AbhiyaSukuDewaaniIshu

    Voted for my Fairy Sukirti Kandpal….
    Simple,sweet & angelic….
    Proud of my fairy Sukirti…

  • Farzina Shehnaz

    Voted for Sanaya Irani….luv her so much…

  • Sukuangel

    Sunshine n sanaya… They r the best

  • aisha

    Sukirti kandpal is the best

    • kannu sharma


  • sabika

    Sukirti kandpal

  • khan

    Sukirti kandpal

  • sangeetha

    Drashti Dhami all the way….. she is really a sweet heart…. down to earth bubly nature….. love u sooooo much Drashti….

  • Sana

    Sanaya Irani

  • Charming Sanaya

    Sanaya Irani is the sweetheart

  • cool_dude69


  • cool_dude69


  • lubna

    sukirti kandpal is best shes the real princess of young hearts not that drashti aunty ok

    • taniya sen

      sukrity is a tube light look like a stupid duck….. drashti is far more better than that supid sukrity and dont dare to bash our drashti ok….. just go to hell u basher…..

  • Ayesha

    Sweet Sukirti is sweet heart of telly world

  • lubna

    plsss guysss vote for our angel sukirti shes really young like sweetheart fairy n she truely deserves this titile not any other old actress so hurry up guys hurry up

  • lubna

    plsss guysss vote for our angel sukirti shes best not any old actress pls hurry up guys suku rockssssssssssssssssssssss

  • lubna

    sukirti my angel rulessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Zaid

    SANAYA IRANI is best actress. Love sanaya angle,sweetheart

  • Dean

    only SANAYA IRANI best.

  • FunnyMe

    Surbhi Jyoti all they way…YOU ROCK GIRL!

  • Cute@sanaya


  • rafi

    drashti dhami is best

  • anu

    I love drashti

  • jisna

    luv you drashti

  • megha

    madhubala is best than kushi

  • shalu

    drashti my sweet

  • shah nawaz

    drasthi dhami is best

    • humaira

      i love drushti

  • gunjun

    Madhubala is the best . no one is as good drashti the actress

  • DKBridge

    Surbhi!!!! Who doesn’t love Zoya Farooqui? Though she’s a newbie, she’s proved that she is a great actress! I just live her! By far she is the best for me!

    • DKBridge

      Opps *love* Lol ;-)

  • DKBridge

    Surbhi!!!! Who doesn’t love Zoya Farooqui? Though she’s a newbie, she’s proved that she is a great actress! I just love her! By far she is the best for me!

  • Anushree Mishra

    Surbhi jyoti is undoubtedly the best…..

  • jawaria

    surbhi jyoti.she is best.

  • zoya khan

    one and only surbhi jyoti.

  • zoya khan

    surbhi jyoti

  • bal

    Surbhi Jyoti my angel, she the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sangeetha

    Drashti Dhami all the way…. she is really a sweet heart… down to earth bubly nature…. beauty with brain…. love u soooo much drashti….

  • sweet sukirti

    Our sunshine sukirti is number one only

  • sana

    Sukirti kandpal is all the way

  • zara

    surbhi jyoti forever

  • Mushtaq

    i vote for sanaya for ipkknd

  • Ilias

    Sukirti forever! she is the best!

  • taniya sen

    Drashti dhami is the best… she is really a sweetheart….

  • Jennisa

    We love SANAYA IRANI

  • rupalee mukherjee

    offcourse Drashti dhami…. she is a sweet heart bubly charming beautiful talented actress…..proud to be eor fan drashti…. love u sooooooo much….muaahhhh…..

  • taniya sen

    drashti dhami is far more better than tht stupid sukrity…. sukrity is a tube light look like a duck…. and u basher dont dare to bash our drashti ok…. just go to hell u basher…. Drashti is the best…. love u sooooo much DD…. Drashti rocks….

  • rupalee mukherjee

    Drashti is beautiful super talented and she is a sweetheart.. drashti drashti drashti all the way….. sukrity is a stupid fellow and her voice is like crow(kala kauwa)…. u stupid basher dont dare to bash our Drashti ok…..??go to hell u stupid basher…….

  • lovevisu

    sukurti is the best
    sukurti is the best
    sukurti is the best

  • paripyia

    sweet and simple sukurti kandpal is the best.
    our sunshine sukurti is the best.
    our little angel sukurti is the best’
    our pretty doll sukurti is the best
    love u sukurti

  • Aisha

    Sanaya Irani… I love u soo soo much!!
    The most verstatile actress IT is blessed to have!!
    Keep Rocking and may God Bless u
    -Ur everloving fan!

  • LoveSI

    Sanaya Irani… THE BEST!!

  • TinTin Fan

    Sanny Sanny Sanny!!!

  • coolfish

    my sweetheart is only sukurti kandpal.
    sukurti is the best..

    sukurti is my sweetheart forever until my last breath.
    love u lot sukurti u r the real sweethearts of every heart

  • lubnas

    my angel suku ki jai hoooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • KaBhiLover

    I don’t know why the blimmin’ heck it says Surbhi isn’t a pro at acting! If this poll actually judged by GENIUNE TALENT and ADORABLENESS then Surbhi would win WITHOUT A DOUBT! She is the sweetest, most GENIUNE actress ever! Love you SJ : )

  • sweetgirl

    drasti and surbhi are both sweethearts…i love them……

  • anchal

    the one and only sanaya irani, love her, the barbie doll of television

  • khoshi

    sanaya irani, no one can match her talent, beauty and charm

  • khoshi

    sanaya irani, love her

  • rahul

    madhubala aka drashti is the best. she shouyld win hands down.

  • Darshini

    Only Sanaya Irani <3

  • kushal

    Sanaya lrani very nice…..

  • rahifahmida

    Drashti Dami

  • anusha


  • anusha

    its only sanaya sanaya sanaya sanaya sanaya

  • firdous

    sanaya must win because she deserve it.she is the best actrees in tellywood

  • manisha

    sanaya will win.

  • juveria

    sanaya deserves to win.and the fans of sanaya plz vote her at telly chakkar she should also win best actrees becz she deserve it.come on start voting her.

  • lubna

    sukirti kandpal looks really like a sweetheart no dout ok this title she deserves not any other wrinkled actress

  • lubna

    sukirti kandpal looks really like a sweetheart no dout ok this title she deserves not any other wrinkled actress

  • patel vaishnavi

    zoya is the best………….

  • zoha

    suku will win she is not sweet heart but also angel luv u suku u will win

  • saurabh jaiswal

    zoya very beautiful actress i love u zoya

  • jiya78

    Of course…Drashti Dhami is the No.1 Sweetheart :D

  • geeta

    sukurti is sweetheart she is the best of best she is a doll and true diva of tellywood

  • Unknown

    Zoya zoya and zoya wil win

  • Dia

    None other than Sanaya Irani

  • Menka

    Sanaya Irani who portrayed Khushi,Gunjan and now doing ChhanChhan

  • niharika khare

    only drashti dhami is sweetheartno.1of tndian tellyland

  • shris

    although surabhi is new, she is the most talented & natural actress,her performance directly touches our heart.zoya….rocks!

  • kiran

    undoubtedly zoya ………..!Talented,gorgeous & girl next to door,speaks up her mind.Surbhi jyoti has well portrayed

    the character,of her she has make us crazy……..over Qubool hai.My vote for adorable Zoya! Surabhi jyoti,Lots of huges & kisses!

  • mona

    Zoya!!!!!! of Qubool hai! i vote for surabhi jyoti!

    • dddddd


  • minha

    no doubt drashti

  • minakshi dutta

    offcourse Drashti Dhami…. Drashti is a sweetheart….love u sooooo much DD

  • lubna

    its one n only sukirti kandpal not that old aunty drashti ok so back of

    • sana

      sukriti is ugly go to hell drashti is better! jealous that drashti is 1000 times more popular than sukriti? she is No.1 everywhere! madhubala is in top 5 of TRP!

  • Sanz

    Tellywood Queen-Sanaya Irani

  • Tia

    Sweetheart obviously Sanaya Irani

  • tapur ray

    Drashti u are looking like a doll today… how could someone be sooooo beautiful…..?? u r just perfect…. main ek larki ho ke tum par fida hue ja rahi hoon to socho larke logo ka kya haal hoga???waise bhi mere brother aur unke saare dost tum pe fida hai DD…. u are a sweet heart Drashti…. bashers log chahe kuch bhi kahe dont care,,they are nothing but jealous of you and eor talent….. and @bashers eor sukriti is a old aunty..hamesha apne age chupate hai..10 saal se ek hi age batate hai woh bandaria sukriti… go to hell you bashers….. love u sooooooooo much drashti…..muaahhhh…..

  • Shahreen

    Sanaya and only sanaya.she is the queen of tellywood and undoutly the most gorgeous actress.

  • Sai

    Its always Sanaya Irani-The Rockstar


    drashti only is the best

  • sweety

    drashti is the best

    • khushi

      sanaya is best of the best of the best
      i love u sanaya
      u r sooooooooooo beauitiful

  • Rajinilicious

    Drashti is the best of the best

  • anusha

    sanaya.sanaya .sanaya.and only sananaya

  • manisha

    yes its only sanaya.sweetst no1.

  • firdous

    sanaya is only you.plz guys vote for sanaya for ita awards on telly chakkar.hope that sanaya fans will do this.

  • Ashka

    Sanaya Irani is the sweetheart

  • asma anjum

    sanaya ur the best and best.

  • bushra

    sanaya my chodvi ka chand to ya aftaab ho.par tum jo bhi ho laajawab ho.

  • divya

    sanaya u rock princes

  • rakhee

    sanaya is the best

  • hafeez

    sanaya and drasti both r princess but sanaya is the best.

  • juveria

    yess u r rgh hafeez sanaya is the best.

    • preet virk

      i think madhu is best

    • preet virk

      i think madhu is best

  • seema

    sanaya ur angel baby.

  • firdous

    sanaya ur the best.

  • seema

    hey guys sanaya won most beautiful actrees of indian telivision with 2’25’889votes can u believe that but it is true u can check this at hypnotizingly arnav.really very happy hope that u guys will vote her at ita awards.

  • naza

    no doubt surbhi.

  • tanaaz

    offcourse its sanaya.by the way any other actrees go to hl

  • kaamna sharma

    My vote goes to both my fav actresses,drashti dhami &Sukirti kandpal ,as both drashti &Sukirti look very pretty ,cute &beautiful,loving their shows Madhubala ek ishq ek junoon &kaisa ye ishq hain ajab sa risk hain ,both r truly superb &the sweetheart of indian television



  • prakirti

    zoya!!! for her unbeatable performance! she directly touches our heart!

  • roses

    Surabhi jyoti! for her rocking performance! Although i m far away from your country! i wish to meet U Zoya in real life!
    Your smiles ………,big eyes,& blabberly talkings win a lot or hearts over here.So many big fans of your are here.
    our vote is for You our beloved surabhi!……..wish u all the best.


  • bina

    my vote for unbeatable ,my rockstar surabhi jyoti! Zoya we love you.


  • roses

    my vote for Zoya!!!!

  • aditi

    i love u zoya. my vote for surbhi.

  • ashwini

    Sanaya Irani

  • Aswathi pv


  • fatima

    the one and only Drashti dhami…she is the Diva the Queen of telly industry

  • Nivi

    Sanaya Irani-expression queen is the sweetheart

  • devansh

    drasti dhami- is the only number 1 queen is tv currently, chachan serial has not been able to get rp so sanaya irani is failed but madhubala still hold goods trp and she aka madhubala aka drasti is number one aka top actress.

  • arghya

    Drashti Dhami is the best of all….. DD u are a sweet heart…

  • popu

    drashti dhami always number one

  • love

    drashti dhami

  • lulu

    dont compare drashti with them she is way better than them

  • lubna

    Sukirti kandpal best forever

  • Sanz

    My vote goes to Sanaya

  • sana

    I like all of them but I will give my opinion honestly:
    Surbhi: I don’t know why but looks like she puts to much makeup on.
    Sanaya: she need’s to have her nose job and she has got a large forehead. She is way to skinny.
    Sukriti:I like her but not her hair
    Drashti: Perfect! I voted for drashti because i love her! her eyes,makeup,lips,body,nose,hair everything is perfect about her!

  • simisha

    the only 1 nd d only darling …d bestest of all…s ure for her acting…..bhi jyoti as zoya well known for her smile nd dimple nd ofcous

    • tejaswini

      yeah! really surbhi is d best…………………….

  • simisha

    surbhi jyoti the best

  • sarah


  • sandipan

    Drashti Dhami all the way……she is really a sweet heart… love u Drashti….muaaahhhhh…

  • Shompa

    Sanaya you are the best.love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much

  • moinak

    Drashti Dhami is the best…. Drashti Dhami all the way….

  • sanaya345

    sanaya is best 4ever n i will voted her only
    lov u a lot

  • Sanz

    One and only Sanaya Irani

  • Suku

    Sukirti is the true diva! No one can beat her! I love KASU ABHIYA JIYA AND NOW RAJSI

  • lubna

    sukirti really looks like an angelic beauty far better than any make up ki shop actresses its my opinion but suku is naturally beautiful i love her so much she should get this title shes a sweatheart

  • madhvisharma

    ilovemeri jaan suku u r so cute my doll and i am madhvi when u will come to nainital again

  • madhvisharma

    ilovemeri jaan suku u r so cute my doll and i am madhvi iam ur sister from nainital

  • Iyer

    Its only Drashti Dhami who is the real star of TV today.. DMG, Geet and Now Madhubala, Phenomenal success.. Great looks with great acting skills… Way to GO.. Its DD all the way, followed by Sukriti…

    • Divya

      DMG was Shukirti’s show. All DD did was standing in DMG

  • lubna

    sukirti kandpal looks like an angel yaarrrrrrrrrr

  • Princess

    Sanaya Irani is the sweetheart. love you always

  • Disha

    It’s Sanaya Irani who portrayed Sameera, Gunjan, Khushi and now portraying ChhanChhan

  • rupa

    only drashti dhami.i love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • rupa

    only drashti dhami.i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • parul

    only drashti dhami

  • sajina

    only my beauty queen drashti dhami

  • Deepika

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    1. Drashti Dhami
    2. Sanaya Irani
    3. Jennifer Winget
    4. Shilpa Anand
    5. Aamna Sharif!
    I just don’t understand why is this ugly untalented overreacting surbhi over here? she is sooougly she puts to much makeup on! i mean tooo much makeup! all those 5 actress above dont put much makeup on as much as surbhi does! But KSG is so hot and only and only has a chemistry with Jennifer and Shilpa not ugly Surbhi!

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  • gunjan khurana


  • gunjan khurana


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    Coming to her beauty, I simply have no words to explain how gorgeous she looks in any attire she puts on, she carries any attire so well.. She is so Gorgeous & Pretty!! Anybody can see it.. And yeah, if u all may well remember she won the Face of the Year in 2012 for the naturally beautiful face and the perfect figure she has. So I don’t think anyone needs to argue about it.. She builds up amazing chemistry with any actor she has to work with..though SaRun is always the Best!!
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