TABLE NO.21 title song: Rajeev Khandelwal, Paresh Rawal and Tena Desae do the rap

A very average track, with actors resorting to the same ol’ Bollywood steps and glitzy clothes to attract attention

As Rajeev Khandelwal tries to do the cool dance moves, his co-star Tena Desae looks super hot in teeny-weeny ensembles. Amidst all the glamour, Paresh Rawal enters the scene wearing a fedora, and hums ‘if you lie, you die’ at regular intervals. Since the film Table No.21 is about a dangerous game played by Rajeev and Tena, with Paresh at the helm of it, the title song gives a fair idea of what the film is all about.

Though the film looks like an interesting watch, the title song fails to impress us. And as intermittent rap, clichéd dance moves and the same dhinchak Bollywood feel form a major chunk of the song, we aren’t quite sure if this track deserves a thumbs up. But what’s worth the mention is that Paresh looks superb as a villain, Tena looks gorgeous as a heroine and Rajeev looks quite hot as a masala hero…no? What do you think?