Pooja Bhatt gets a funny fan mail, thanks to Indian Postal Service!

The actor-filmmaker was more than surprised to receive a letter posted on her name with the address ‘Bollywood’ on it!

You have to believe this! Recently, Pooja Bhatt received some random fan mail… stop giggling, sillies! The unbelievable part is yet to come. The address mentioned on the letter was The Pooja Bhatt, Bollywood, Bollywood Films, Mumbai. Hold on, this isn’t it! The letter even got delivered to her residence with the above mentioned address. Take a look at the picture and you’ll know why we are laughing our hearts out!

It seems Pooja’s fan didn’t know her residence address and so decided to go ahead with his/her own wild imagination. The Jism 2 director is puzzled that the letter actually reached her with ‘Bollywood’ address printed on it. “Indian Postal Service, I salute you! Can’t believe a letter actually reached me with this address printed on it!” tweeted Bhatt.

Looks like Pooja’s admirers can go to any length to reach her. We are curious though to know what’s written in that letter! Pooja can you please tweet that, if possible?