TALAASH box office report: Aamir Khan’s suspense drama earns Rs 60 crores in five days

TALAASH box office report: Aamir Khan’s suspense drama earns Rs 60 crores in five days

The collection of Reema Kagti’s second directorial venture is double of what it was after the first two days

The Aamir Khan-Kareena Kapoor-Rani Mukerji starrer Talaash is showing some impressive results at the box office. The film has raked in a total of Rs 59.6 crores net in five days, which is approximately double the figure of Rs 30.89 it had earned after the first two days. It means the movie has successfully earned Rs 30 crores approximately in just three days. We are impressed! Going by the ratio, trade experts believe that the psychological suspense drama will cross Rs 70 crores in the first week.

“Expecting Talaash to break 3 Idiots record would be foolhardy, as the movie caters to a niche audience. It’s more of a multiplex film. Also, suspense thrillers have their limitations as far as BO revenue is concerned,” points out Taran Adarsh, further adding, “The film has comfortably crossed Rs 50 crores in four days on the sheer strength of its multiplex business. It’s faring exceptionally well overseas too and if it sustains in its second weekend, it should be a safe bet for its producers and of course, Aamir.”

If we tally both the domestic and international box office figures, the film’s earned Rs 87 crores net so far. And the trade is quite hopeful of the movie raking in Rs 10 crores (in India) and Rs 5 crores (overseas) in the remaining two days, before Khiladi 786 hits the screens. Keep your fingers crossed, Aamir!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Ravi

    Talaash….a boring film…….it will be a flop!

    • munna lal rajan

      Talaash….a outstanding film and totally different kind of suspense story which i have seen first time in history of Bollywood cinema……Aamir khan movie means,different kind of storry…..it will be a super hit!

    • Athar

      Shut up Please

    • abhi

      yes really boring yaar..wlcm khiladi

    • KJ Khan

      Talaash will surely hit 100 crore soon.

    • aamir fan

      u really dnt have gud taste…wat an excellent, unexpected n heart touching story!!!1guarantee hit!!!!1

      • gautam

        its a fantastic movie. i like AAAAmir toooooooo much.

  • Lavi

    The movie which is grossing over Rs. 87 chores till date. Is it a flop film?

  • yasmin yaas

    I really enjoy 3hrs after a long time while everyone is trying to entertain by fun and romance Aamir proved that he can entertain us by reality. One more thing is important that we can watch it with family. Thanks to Aamir,Rani & Karina

    • Arhaan

      Yaas now what r u doing… I hope every thing is fine… N aamir is always my fvrt…

  • shakil ahmed

    amir khan woh super star ha jis na kametyabi k leye bolly wood ka bosses ka sahahra nahi leya wel done amir khan

  • murshid alam

    amir ki film kavi boaring ho hi nahi sakti dekhne walo ko film dekhne ki samajh honi chahiye.

  • vipul amzare

    Amir khan bollywood me category late hai baki sab copy karte hai

  • fahad

    talaash is declining in bollywood box office : (

  • sambhav raghuwanshi

    it is a super hit movie. it is the movie which can be compared to 3 idiots . aamir is my favourite and the work of kareena is mind boggling.

  • KJ Khan

    I love watching Aaamir Khan films and other Indian movies.

  • shah

    the story of a father the story of call girls which badly treated in every where. and the story for those persons who have God gifted. mind blowing acting kareene. super doper hit acting and story i ever seen in bollywood mvies.

  • KJ Khan

    Talaash will surely hit 100 crore.
    Indian films are really worth watching films. They made the most beautiful films in the world..

  • vishal

    yar bhaot superhit movie hai.aamir acting is very supercool. aawasome.

  • deepak

    this is a real indian movie. what a movie. supereb. all indian people watch this movie.

  • kumar

    bhot badiya movie hai. aamir & kareena & rani acting is very very very good.

  • arvind sharma

    super hit movie of the year


    Just gr8, superb film! Go watch and enjoy it.
    Kareena definatly going to get filmfare for it.
    Aamir is years ahead of all the other Khans put together.
    He is real superstar not like SRK who have to depend of Yashraj, Karan Johar and lots of lies and false propoganda to produce average hit like MNIK and likes.
    A superstar is one who can bring audiences to cinema hall on his own ability and nothing else -This is brand Aamir a real superstar.

    • chriss

      we cant refer aamir khan as superstar…….he cant be compared with other two khans…….he has zero star power…..his movie needs strong story to be a hit…..many refer 3 idiots as aamir khan movie but it is multistarer and it was sucessful coz of powerful story nd aamir…..so dont call him superstar…….he is cunning and jealous of both salman and srk.

      • Mohd. Sajid

        yes salman is a superstar.

    • KJ Khan

      you’re right. Aamir Khan is a superstar.

    • pravash dagra


  • saeed


  • Aditi

    Amir always gives a message through his picture and I like Amir’s picture

  • KJ Khan

    Aamir Khan is more than a superstar. He’s the best in Bollywood.

  • ali ahmed

    I just hate Indian movies because all of the Indian directors,writers or the lead actors copy the action,style, and the script from Hollywood movies the Indian media compares Bollywood with Hollywood and I think Hollywood will be ahead for centuries.you know it’s simple the answer lies in their names holly,bolly then the Indians replaced b on h and there is bollywood copy cats.

    • Divya Kapoor

      So what? Bollywood is different from Hollywood. Bollywood films are more wholesome than Hollywood films. There’s no competition anyway!
      Have you watch the film 3 idiots? oh my … You’ll regret every words you have said.

      • KJ Khan

        You’re absolutely right Divya. In fact Bollywood films are for general patronage than your Hollywood liberated movies.

  • anish

    one and only aamir,great actor and beyond the starism.

  • pravash dagra