Talaash promotions: Aamir Khan in Meerut, the crime capital of India

The actor visits Meerut to meet one of the most famous crime novelists of the country to promote Talaash

Aamir Khan, the master of film promotion, who practically invented the art, is on a mission again. Out to promote his suspense drama Talaash, Aamir visited the bestselling author of pulp fiction and crime novels Ved Prakash Sharma in Meerut. He picked up a few unusual titles and also asked the author to mail him two of his best books to read, since he is a voracious reader himself.

While there, Aamir also made a remark on the recent grizzly and cruel hearted murder of Abdul Hakim, a young man who took part in Satyamev Jayate and was murdered because he had an inter-caste marriage. Although Abdul’s video was not aired, the media kept pressing Aamir on the topic. The forever cool gentleman that he is, Aamir maintained his composure and said that he had spoken to the higher-ups in the Meerut police department to ensure a speedy investigation.

Aamir was in turn forced by the police there to get adequate protection since it was unsafe for the actor to be travelling without security as the region where he was headed was buzzing with the murder of Abdul Hakim, and the fact that the slain young man had been on Aamir’s show in the past. Well, we must say, this really is some promotional effort on Mr Perfectionist’s part. Risky and one involving death threats – just like a crime thriller, don’t you think?