Tamannaah joins PETA to fight animal cruelty

The Humshakals actor has made way right to the center of our hearts and its not just because of her charming persona. It what she did for Tiny. Read on to find out what we are talking about…

Tamannaah may be busy with promotions for her upcoming comedy Humshakals but that didn’t stop the actor from taking some time out to support a crucial animals’ cause. The gorgeous dame recently did a a print ad for PETA wherein she pleaded the public to not use cosmetics that undergo animal testing. The ad was anti-animal testing of cosmetics on little creatures like rabbits or birds.

Tamannaah was seen in the ad cuddling with a fuzzy little bunny and smiling at the camera.

In the past actors like Sunny Leone and Alia Bhatt have come out in support of animals and worked for a variety of their causes and campaigns. We hope that Tamannaah’s attempt at rescuing Tiny and other furry playmates like him is a success!