Tanaaz Irani: It doesn’t bother me when Bakhtiyaar flirts with someone

The actor feels that women give way too much of importance to men in their lives. Tanaaz claims that she is too confident about herself to be bothered about such things

There is no doubt that women swoon around television’s angry young man, Bakhtiyaar Irani. They are often jealous of his wife Tanaaz Irani. In fact, several actors from tellyland have even expressed an interest in the Irani boy, claims the actor.

Bakhtiyaar said, “In a reality show, I won’t take names, an actor approached Tanaaz and asked her to leave me so that she could marry me. See if I see a beautiful woman, I will compliment her. It’s only in my mind not in the heart.”

So doesn’t Tanaaz have a problem with that? “I know a lot of women who don’t like it and have an issue with it. I believe I am beautiful and will always be beautiful; why should I stop him from saying that to anyone one. There will be a lot of men who would want to say that to me too. The problem is that we give men too much importance. I don’t know why women feel they are good only when men tell them that. I am too confident of myself. I know where I am going and how I have positioned myself in life. I find this thought very alien. So no, it doesn’t bother me when Bakhtiyaar flirts with someone. I know it’s only a joke. Mainly ‘coz he doesn’t like fooling around nor does he like the girls who do,” said Tanaaz.

The actor also said that they’ve often discussed about infidelity between them. “If he ever decides to leave me, I won’t be worried. I believe in karma – if I never hurt anyone, no one can ever hurt me. So, if Bakhtiyaar leaves me, God will give me someone ten times better than him. A 50-year-old man will woo me with his yacht, big company and I will be in the lap of luxury. That he will never be able to digest.”

The dancing miyan-biwi, Tanaaz and Bakhtiyaar, who were last seen together in Bigg Boss 5, are currently gearing up for their new show Badi Dooooor Se Aaye Hai on Sab TV, which will go on air on June 9, at 9:30pm.