Tarzan 3D movie review: Kellan Lutz’s Tarzan avatar is hollow and the adaptation is boring!

Directed by Reinhard Klooss, this boring adaptation of the colorful and adventurous stories of our times also features Jo Osmond, Brian Bloom and Robert Capron. Read on to find out the full movie review…

What’s it about:

We know the story, we have seen his antics. Tarzan the jungle boy gets an awkward digital make over in this 2014 release. The story revolves around a meteorite that holds the key to producing energy for a firm that belongs to Tarzan’s parents. Raised in the jungle by a group of Gorillas, he faces his adversaries who have come back to claim pieces of the meteor and make money from it. However the treatment and production of the film has much to desire while the story lacks the needed punch.

What’s hot:

3D works in scenes where Tarzan is swooping down trees or doing acrobatic moves while playing with his ape brothers. The Gorillas look real and attention has been paid to make them walk and move around like the actual animals. A Coldplay tune pops out of nowhere making the otherwise dull proceeding little interesting.

What’s not:

The biggest glitch with Tarzan is its shoddy animation. We wonder how these sketches made it through to the final round. The characters human or animal look cheap almost like part of an old video game that was made some time in the 90s. The love story between Tarzan and Jane is extremely cheesy. Also why is our hero made to look anorexic? Gone are the muscles and the chest thumping, this Tarzan looks super lean and malnourished. The bad guys have no edge whatsoever, with very little scope to bring about any humor most of your time will be spent checking alerts and messages on your phone.

What to do:

I prefer Disney’s version over the new Tarzan which ends up being a hollow and boring adaptation of one of the most colorful and adventurous stories of our times.

Rating: 1.5 out of 51.5 Star Rating

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