Taslima Nasreen vs the Khans of Bollywood

The author remarked about Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate and went on to comment about Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan

Everybody and their cats are talking about Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate and the publicity hungry Taslima Nasreen is no different, choosing to talk about the show and throwing in her cat for good measure. The platform is, of course, Twitter. Nasreen, who describes herself as a ‘Writer, Secular Humanist, Feminist, Physician’ says that her location is ‘Everywhere’, having been routinely kicked out unceremoniously by pretty much every country she tried to live in.

The limbo-located Nasreen began thus: “From now on film stars should talk about social problems on TV. Everybody will listen to them. Ppl don’t listen to human rights activists.”

“Feminists have been talking about female foeticide and its dangerous effects for decades. Ppl have learned about it today from star plus,” she continued.

Sallu was next: “Dear Salman Khan, please talk about rape, domestic violence and dowry murder on TV tomorrow. Ppl should know about these problems.”

SRK followed: “Dear Shahrukh Khan, pl talk about sexual abuse & sexual slavery on TV. Ppl shd know about these problems. We talk, but we’re not film stars.”

Then, praise for his Aamir-ness: “I salute Aamir Khan for being so courageous and for raising people’s consciousness.”

Then came cries from the heart: “I wish I were a film star!” and “I’ll put a film star’s name as author of my next book and will put his/her pretty face on the cover.”

More acclaim: “Most ppl lack ability 2 recognize expertise. I appreciate a star’s initiative2 make ppl think abt this prob. Better than gossips.”

Then some blinding insight: “It is not stars prob or activists prob, it is ppl’s prob, they have not been taught enough to identify expertise.”

Then, a fan of Nasreen’s, Sadik Shaikh, came up with this: @taslimanasreen is on Jihad everything happening around the universe except her own stuffs… Ex: Her cat is better thn any other cat.

And Nasreen’s reply is classic: “The truth is my cat is far more intelligent than you.”

And so on. You get the picture. The lady does like to rant, doesn’t she? Apparently, somebody called Kamaal Rashid Khan (KRK) has taken umbrage to Satyamev Jayate. Since in these pages of Bollywoodlife we don’t really deal with quadrupeds, with Nasreen’s cat being an honourable exception, we’ll choose to ignore what it has to say.

Meanwhile the debate around the show rages on and here’s Cineswami’s two paise. If the show changes even one mind amongst those responsible for female foeticide and infanticide, it’s an unqualified success. To hope for mass societal change may be utopian, but, we live in hope.