Teacher’s Day special: Karan Kundra remembers the teacher he had a crush on

It’s very common for boys to feel something special for their favourite teacher, and Kundra is no different

On Teacher’s Day, we caught up with Karan Kundra, who is currently doing Fanaah – the vampire show on MTV to relive his first crush with us. The actor immediately took us down his memory lane and said, “My first crush was in 5th standard. I really like my Anglo-Indian English teacher. She was one of the exchange teachers from UK and was barely 21 years old. I don’t remember her name but she had a beautiful smile and really long hair. To make an impression, I actually called my sister and asked her for style tips as I wanted to look dapper. English was the only subject where I would sit on the first bench and try to look my best – perfectly trimmed hair, cut nails, polished shoes. And I always made sure that I reached the class a little earlier so I can sit on the first bench.”

Well we are absolutely sure that Karan’s feelings for his Anglo-Indian teacher were quite genuine like most boys of that age, right? Let’s hope his teachers are not reading this story. Giggles!