Teachers’ day: Why was Priyanka Chopra not a teacher’s pet?

The Barfi! actor looks adorable in the promos of her upcoming movie, doesn’t she? But guess her school teachers would beg to differ

Priyanka Chopra is currently in one of the happy phases of her life with Barfi! (releasing in Dubai on September 13) and her first single titled In My City featuring the Black Eyed Peas rapper Will.I.Am releasing worldwide on the same day.

Even so, the actor chose to remember some not-so-happy moments of her school days. So why was apni upbeat jungli billi not happy? ‘Coz her teachers didn’t like her! But putting all that behind, Pee Cee has decided to wish all her teachers today. “My teachers didn’t like me at all. Happy Teachers’ Day to all my teachers who didn’t like me and happy Teachers’ Day to all those teachers who made me who I am,” the actor said.

Hmmmm, but why didn’t your teachers like you, lady? Were you too naughty? Or were you a serious homework defaulter?

Tell us, readers – why do you think Priyanka Chopra’s teachers didn’t like her?