Tera Nasha song teaser: Poonam Pandey unzips to show off her lacy bra!

Poonam tries to appear sexy in what seems to be a hastily put together teaser

For all the publicity Poonam Pandey garnered on social networking sites by promising how her debut film Nasha will alter the way bold films are made and perceived in India, the trailer of her movie didn’t seem all that promising to us. Sure, there is skin show as she had promised, but it felt like a damp squib with a lot of oomph but no real substance.

A similar fate is shared by the latest teaser of the song, Tera Nasha that was released a few hours ago. In the 10-second clip, Poonam is seen pouting in front of what looks like a green screen. The babe is dressed provocatively enough in a tight fitting black leather top and a white skirt, as she goes on to unzip her top and reveal a lacy bra underneath. What killed it for us though were her expressions and all the over-pouting that she’s doing in the video. Don’t believe us? Check out for yourself!