The Attacks of 26/11: Exclusive footage of Ram Gopal Varma’s movie on the Mumbai terror attacks

The director released footage of his controversial film close on the heels of Ajmal Kasab’s hanging and the 26/11 anniversary

When Ram Gopal Varma was pulled up for being insensitive and hurting public sentiments after he visited the Taj Hotel, merely hours after the attacks in 2008, he vehemently denied he was making a film on the tragedy. And now, four years later, he is back with a seven-minute footage of the film The Attacks of 26/11, which he plans to release in 2013.

This movie stars Nana Patekar and a newcomer Sanjeev Jaiswal playing the role of Ajmal Kasab. It opens with Nana standing before a committee and narrating the story of that fateful night when terrorists entered via the sea and attacked a boat off the coast of Mumbai. Well, what we’ve seen until now looks unimpressive to say the least, but we’d rather hold our judgment.

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