The audience kicked my a@#: Mahakshay

Mahakshay Chakraborty claims that the criticism by the audience brought a transformation in him

Mahakshay aka Mimoh, who made a disastrous start to his career with Jimmy, declares that he experienced epiphany when people flooded the ‘once- upon- a- time- smug- guy’ with criticisms instead of praises.The young actor states that the whole experience helped him take his career seriously and work hard on himself. “I was totally missing in the past, whether it’s my hair, weight, looks or body language. Everything was bad. To be honest, I wasn’t experienced. I was in a hurry to be launched. I wanted to shine in glory and I thought I could dance my way into people’s hearts but they actually kicked my a@# in return. Jimmy taught me not to take my life easy,” he says in a subdued tone. Well, he also claims that we will get to see a completely different side to him in his next Haunted 3D. Let’s see if Mimoh manages to dance his way into people’s heart this time around, just the way his father did!