The Bachelorette India: Mallika Sherawat challenges contestants to lift Bharti Singh

The Bechelorette India

Comedian Bharti is known for her humour, wits and of course her size

Bharti Singh rocked the day and had everyone rolling with laughter when she visited the sets of The Bachelorette India – Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika.

The contestants were cracking up from the moment Bharti started talking in her witty and endearing style. But the laughter lasted only until she gave them the humongous task of physically lifting her. Eyes popped out, heartbeats skipped and sweat broke out as the reality of the task dawned upon the men. The suitors who dreamt of lifting the sexy Mallika Sherawat, instead had to focus on lifting the healthy Bharti.

Even in that, of all the contestants, only a few could manage to do this really challenging test of physical strength. Hardly had the men recovered from this daunting exercise, Bharti came up with her second surprise! Since her jokes and comic timing had left the contestants in splits, she challenged the boys to do a full split, which once again left them all hassled and perturbed. A task that many boys lost but Bharti won and proudly exclaimed ‘A healthy body leads to a healthy mind’.

Speaking about her experience and the visit to the Bachelorette mansion, Bharti with a naughty wicked smile said, “It was fun to be on the sets of The Bachelorette India. I had fun with Mallika, Rohit Roy and all the young and handsome boys. I hope they will forgive me for it.”Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • alyeena kc

    she w
    as intrested to karan & vijay

  • pearl

    Useless way of dealing with contestants. Its quite evident she is interested in Karan and Vijay. Rest all are just dummy contestants.

  • nitesh mittal

    har insan dil ka bura nahi hota,har insan bewafa nahi hota,bujh jaata hai diya aksar apni galtiyo se,har baar kasur hawa ka nahi hota,MiTtAl,