The Bachelorette India synopsis: Mallika Sherawat makes the contestants cook for Sunil Bohra

A healthy mind leads to a healthy body!! So in today’s episode of The Bachelorette India, Mallika Sherawat meets all the boys in the morning to do yoga

Mallika does some perfect splits and performs all the asans and asks the boys to do the same. Post the yoga session, Mallika becomes the peace maker and asks Saurabh to apologise to Karan Sagoo for hurting him during the Bollywood night. Meanwhile Abhishek tells Mallika he needs to leave since his mother is critically ill. Mallika wanted him to stay but could not do anything and wished him luck and goodbye.

Mallika informs the contestants that her dear friend Sunil Bohra, who is a renowned name in Bollywood, was coming over for dinner and she wanted the contestants to prepare a full Rajasthani Bhog for him. To meet the deadline Mallika divides the contestants into teams and puts them in charge of three courses and appoints team leaders. The boys start cooking and Mallika lends a helping hand to them in the kitchen.

Sunil Bohra makes an entry and interrupts the cooking and takes Mallika away for a chat. Sunil and Mallika have a chat about her early days in Mumbai, their friendship of 15 years and how Sunil can’t believe she is looking for love.

In the evening, Mallika and Sunil come for dinner prepared by the boys. Sunil interacts with the boys over dinner, grills them about their financial standing. He tells the boys that the monthly expenses of Mallika is around Rs 2.5 lakh and asks the boys if they have a financial standing to match up to Mallika. This leads to a lot of heated debate over the dinner table.

Sunil and Mallika have another chat on his impression of the boys. This is followed by the rose ceremony. Who will get a rose and will be saved and who will be eliminated tonight?

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