The Bachelorette India: Who will Mallika Sherawat choose – Karan Sagoo or Vijay Singh?

The Bachelorette India Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika
Yogen Shah

The bold babe had a tough choice to make when 30 suitors came to woo her. As the episodes went, one by one they all got eliminated leaving teo eligible bachelors behind

People have been trying to second guess her final decision on The Bachelorette India Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika and it has been a lot of fun. So we called our in-house expert Tarot Reader, Shruti Chopra to put some light and tell us who Mallika Sherawat is likely to choose and what will happen once she picks the guy.

BollywoodLife (BL): Who will Mallika choose? Vijay Singh or Karan Sagoo?

Shruti Chopra (SC): Mallika has a high level of interest and desire for both but for different reasons. Let me explain this further.

Vijay Singh – Mallika see’s strengths like comfort and control in him. A sense of security that he will protect her, yet she fears that he is not as worldly wise as she is. But again she finds him mouldable. There are a lot of positives being drawn in their combination together.

Karan Sagoo – Mallika likes the type of independence he carries, but the Three of Swords indicates a major concern, probably a sense of dishonesty. She may just fear that he won’t be the faithful type. This is just an assumption, but this could be an important consideration for her.

Out of the two, Vijay Singh is a better match for her and a stronger contender too.

BL: Does Mallika really have any desire or plans on getting married to either of these suitors? Or is this just a show for her?

SC: It’s a bit of both. She likes the suitors, but the Nine of Pentacles gives larger importance to the type of financial benefits she has gained from the show. She will certainly date the person she chooses, but she is still not entirely comfortable with the thought of marrying this person. She will take a long time to commit to such a level. This is mainly indicated by the Seven of Cups and the King of Pentacles, where one card represents clouded and confused judgement, whereas the other emphasises comfort in her own world.

BL: Will there be future seasons of this show?

SC: There will be one more season of this show, which may pick up better than this one, but it will not end very successfully. The Two of Swords advises the makers to be more realistic and make some dramatic changes to see it do better in its’ second season.

BL: What is Mallika’s future post this show?

SC: The show does not better or worsen her position in Bollywood. Amongst some terrible offers, she will be presented some very good projects by August 2014, but her judgement will be a little off. She will have to be stricter with herself and take a longer time to think of what she should and should not be doing. Otherwise she will run the risk of jeopardising some exciting potential.

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  • karan

    he is perfect man for mallika…………..

    • vijay singh

      very bad malika u kiss sad..:(

    • Dont wry u desirved better then malika :) love u karan

      Dont wrry u desived better then malika
      :) love u karan

      • mariam

        yup same


    I Gause the malika has not been able to marrie with both particient. due to both is very clean caractors.

    • madan

      the Bachelorette India: Who will Mallika Sherawat choose – Karan Sagoo or Vijay Singh? Mr. Vijay singh he will be win her

      • poonam

        karan sagoo

      • sahil

        malika please please choose karan sagoo


      I thing the Mallika is not able to marrie with both participants.
      becaz of the mallikas is not faithfull girl. And our Karan And Vijay is the very very simple boy.
      Mallika is the bold girl.

  • dan

    100 % she will choose Vijay Singh !

  • rani

    everyday i am watching this show. according to me vijay singh is the best partner for her. karan is fake. he is too much artificial. he is show off.

    • arpit shrivastava

      karan is best

  • somya bhalla

    malika plzz marrie kAran sagu he iz so cute yrr

  • vijay singh

    u know that vijay is a very very bad guy and…he wants to marry malika and he kiss also….beacuase to atractt on malika…..that u know..he i can,t tell,….sorry

  • simran

    vijay is nyc boyy plz malike chooose him…I luv vijay

  • shweta

    101% sure..she will choose karan

  • god


  • Sana

    Malika should choose vijay becoz both are fake n they wil match each other and karan is vry honest.

  • Deepak kumar

    karan is the best for malika

  • nimmo

    i think karan is a better choice

  • Chandan

    Mallika are you serious with this kind of relationship….?

  • pooja


  • fatima

    in bigg boss i think tanisha candy or elli should win from these 3 girls. i really hate gahuar, kamya, ajaz, and pratyusha they are really mean. i like sangram because he is really funny and cute. elli, candy and tanisha are really really cute. i hope from you three one of you should win… god bless you and good luck

  • fatima

    Mallika should marry vijay. he is perfect for mallika. vijay is the best and all of the other people in the Bachelorette India are fake.. she will marry vijay singh.. god bless you and good luck mallika.. vijay and karan

  • Divya

    How stupid can malika get?! Obviously Vijay is only after her money and fame. That’s the whole reason he is on the show. Think about it. A person who has no career and wants to become an actor. How ironic?. Karan on the other hand sings exactly perfect. But compared to Vijay he seems to be in a position to provide for her. Overall, she keeps saying she wants a simple boy. Well, why didn’t she go to a village where no one knows her, where simple indian clothes and find herself true life partner. Having a show where everyone knows who she is, isnt exactly the right route. But oh well. It’s her life. She’ll learn from her silly mistakes

  • Cenia

    Karan is 100% perfect n he is practical,honest,carrng,handsome,well-cultured person etc.i knw he vl lov her til de end.where, vijay is a partyboy n im sur he vl flirt vit every girls.

    • rahul tiwari

      i m watching this show lately after missing few episodes but the time i started to watch this show i culdnt resist myself and make sure that i be present at 9.30 when it starts my feeling and conclusion is
      karan is not trust worthy looks like to me and has dated many females in his life and being NRI it doesnt bother him as he is from NRI culture
      vijay on the other hand is a village boy who has shown that man coming from village can conquer wat ever he wants and we all are from village vijay shows great respect to his seniors and is very polite on the hand karan is very diplomatic and changes his tastes with his liking and moods and and seeks admiration even his family seems like that as children who are brought up in foreign country behave like that and so his father has also told that he has also date few womans in his life so this culture wont be appreciated by malika as she also from village and grown very hard to attain achievements in life i like his father and entire malika family is still down to earth they would prefer too a match for malika with in country and not else where vijays father is also down to earth as compared with karan father who looks quite diplomatic as compared with vijay father vijay father is like malika father as they both very simple and for them their culture respect is utmost important and all family of malika is like that i like the best in malika mausi very open and even malika mother has a soft corner for vijay and family of course even his brother for sure i think as malika treats him as her father malika father couldnt meet the grooms families but had he met he would choose vijay father and family and not karan
      karan from the begining showing his NRI ora to all but contestants mostly indian did not objected seriously otherwise they had any few foreigners were there they would have outcasted
      karan not very qualified and being the pamper child of his parents got help from father to open restaurant he has not done labour except flirting and gyming where as village boy vijay left his home town to make his career there his family may be supportive but vijay came out as independent man he is just 25 yrs once he gets chance he can change world but karan is only to himself and always wants admirers around and has never anmired any male contestaent also on the show
      karan touching feet was looking artificial to show public as if he does to every elders is he touching his parents feet every day i doubt and also he is impatient where as vijay is patient and the entire show he did not show off to anyone and looked simple but at the start he liked malika and made efforts to win her heart first as love is within and always at first site where as karan was playing game and showing that malika will fall for him automatically but its marriage and not frendship
      malika also in her heart knows that vijay will love her the most and give immense love more than karan as now malika is also looking love and not money as her life has been full of fame money but love is missing 100% she herself knows too
      i dont write much but i really got impressed with the show and is looking real life and not fabricated so i request u to please forward this message to malika before its too late as at the finale just after few mints thought of expressing my self for the sho
      rest deciding factor is u yourself
      all the good luck and say hi to rohit roy he is great person
      rahul tiwari

    • NEHA


  • binita


  • Jenny

    Mallika please marry karan, he is very honest and will keep you happy till the end of your life. Your Jodi with him looks perfect. Vijay is a fake guy i dnt like him at all. Please listen to your heart.

  • Heriz

    plz plz mallika choose karan .he is the best. handsome,dashing,intelligent,fit,and perfect on everything.but vijay is fake he want’s to kiss u use plz choose karan.

  • srk

    vijay singh ..

  • mahen

    Karan is the best, she should choose her

  • Nilpori Rumpa

    Vijay is 1000% perfect

    • dz

      .even u fake commentor hw cn u b so sure tat vijay s 1000% sure hv u date him luk at hm he luk like a cheater

  • Prema


  • Ila patel

    Hi I think Karan is a better match for Mallika

  • Veeru

    Vijay is the best for mallika shehrawat

  • omg!!!!

    pick Vijay!!!! or Karen! but DONT LEAVE US HANGGING!

  • omg!!!!

    pick Vijay!!!! or Karen! but DONT LEAVE US HANGGING!PLEASE :’(

  • kishan

    karan is 100% perfect…

  • Pawan

    Lets see if this marriage lasts more than a month.

  • ankush choudhary

    hum himachali hai yaar …….malika humari bhabi ban gai….hum jeet gaye…or sabse badi or khushi ye hai humare liye ki …….ki vijay kangra ka hai… ki humare ghir se 30 km door se hai…..VIJAY BHAI OR MALIKA BHAI JI MUBARAK HO

  • ankush choudhary

    hum himachali jeet gaye bhai,vijay bhai mubarak ho.malika ko humari bhabi bana diya.or khushi ki baat hai ki himachal mein humare kangra ka naam apne roshan kiya.thanks vijay bhai

  • Vikas goyal

    karan is parfact malika

  • vikas goyal

    malika karan is parfect ..

  • fatima

    Malika plz dnt fool public we r master mind.. U jst want lil publicity.. I like karan bt on d othr hand I dnt want u too choose him coz he deserves far bttr grl thn u.. I dnt want his lyf to b get trapped n spoiled by u

  • shagufta

    U should choose Karen Sagoo.

  • mehvali

    Hi Mallika choooose Vijay your life will be full of love

  • Noor hasan

    Mallika vijay apke liye sahi nhi hai becoz wo aapse true love nhi karte hain just dikhawa hai.or karan is perfect hamsafar for u becoz usme sabkuch hain jo ek hamsafar main rehna chahiye.sirf i love u bolnese prove nhi hoti ki wo apse pyaar karte hai.

  • aisha

    how dare vijay wins malikah he look like a user really bad choice

  • pramod

    fake totally fake malika shrewat

  • Karan

    Vijay is jst a fake….karan is honest…bad choice malika

  • karan sangu is the best guy 4 malika serawat

    malika plzz choose karan sangu