The Bachelorette India: Why did Mallika Sherawat get angry with her suitor?

On his first day itself he managed to irk the controversial actor

Saurabh Siddheswari – a social worker by profession and singer by hobby crossed a line on The Bachelorette India – Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika. When he first walked on the show, he gave Mallika Sherawat a long and unwelcome hug, which irked the actor.

Further he went around making a puppy dog face apologising for his audacious behaviour. Of course, Mallika did forgive him, but guess Saurabh just didn’t get the message.

Apparently, the contestant wrote an anonymous letter to Mallika’s female staff member which stated, “I am lonely!” signed with his contact number. When Mallika learnt about the incident she was upset and livid; further questioning revealed the name of suitor. The inappropriate behaviour was unpardonable and Mallika eliminated him from the competition immediately. Way to go girl!

We wonder what the makers saw in him before short listing him as a contestant in The Bachelorette India. Clearly the guy was in the show for ulterior motives which had nothing to do with Mallika.

Let’s hope we don’t witness any such scenes in the future episodes of the show.