The best compliments Hrithik Roshan got for Agneepath

Roshan Jr is getting compliments galore for stepping in into the shoes of Amitabh Bachchan as the new Vijay Deenanath Chauhan, but his parents reactions have overwhelmed him

Remaking Agneepath was probably one of the biggest gambles that Karan Johar has taken and it has paid off and how! Not only is the film running to packed houses, it has been appreciated by most of the critics as well. The compliments are still pouring in but of course, the ones coming from those who are very close to the actor are the ones that matter the most to him. In a recent interview, Hrithik Roshan said, “There were several nice moments and gestures. The spontaneous hug that I got from my dad after he saw the film. The tears of joy in my mom’s eyes, Sussanne in her broken voice reminding me of the faith she had in me, my proud sister and grandparents…” Wethinks that the praises are well deserved as everyone can see the hard work Duggu has put into the new age Deenanath Chauhan.