The Big Fight: Ranbir and Katrina argue over living in together!

The Big Fight: Ranbir and Katrina argue over living in together!

Despite speculation it still isn’t clear if RK and Kat will move into his new house

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif might be driving down to parties in the same car, but will they live in together under the same roof? That’s the million dollar question on everyone’s mind. Will they or won’t they? Read on to find out…

We bring you some inside scoop on what’s going on between these love birds and the reason why moving in together ain’t so easy…

Control Issues: 

Ranbir has always been a free spirit. Whether it comes to choosing the kind of films he wants to do, or the friends he hangs out with, or then the women he wants to date. RK has never really listened to anyone. Except one person – his mom. The Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani actor is a ‘maa da ladlaa‘ and swears by everything his mother says. If Katrina had to move in, she would definitely exercise some control over him. Already reports of her being clingy and hung up on her boyfriend during their recent schedule of Jagga Jasoos in South Africa have cropped up. Staying in the same house won’t be that easy.


Friends reveal that RK is a home boy and every time he goes outdoor for long schedule he starts missing his home. Will he be able to cope up with not having familiar faces and the cushy comfort of his home, if he does move into a new house. Sources reveal that the actor would often bring his girlfriends home and introduce them to his parents before dating them seriously. He has enough privacy in his existing house, does he really need to change that and move in with Katrina?

Boys will be boys: 

Ranbir likes to party. Not the way us regulars do, but with his celeb friends – Aditya Roy Kapoor and director Ayan Mukerji. RK definitely knows how to have a good time. Having a girlfriend move in with you is definitely a downer if you want to go out and have a good time with the boys! Staying together is a full time responsibility, and RK might not be able to party that much. Sacrificing and taming his wild ways to accommodate his girlfriend might prove to be difficult than imagine.Subscribe to me on YouTube


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