The ‘Chak De! India’ costume saga

While the girls’ costumes seem simple, it actually took a lot of painstaking effort on designer Mandira Shukla’s part to create unique outfits for each of them

Ever wondered how you are able to identify each Chak De! India girl even when the entire group is on the screen? It’s all thanks to Mandira Shukla, the designer in charge of these girls’ costumes. And it was no mean feat to ensure that everyone had a unique look. Let’s start with the shoes. When you watch the movie on YouTube Boxoffice, you’ll notice that all the girls in the team come from humble backgrounds. So there was no way Mandira could take the easy way out and get them all a bunch of branded shoes. Instead, she got each actor shoes that were specially stitched for them and did not have any brand labels. Next, came the outfits. We heard that Yash Raj Films purchased 200 kg of jersey fabric from dealers in Bangalore and Mumbai for designing the sports wear. Two hundred kilograms! Can you imagine? Amazing, isn’t it, to actually make sense out of so many rolls of blue cloth? Looks like her fellow designer Shiraz Siddique had the easier part – he had to only design for Shahrukh Khan!

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