‘The Dirty Picture’ to air on TV! But will you watch it?

After much hassle, Ekta Kapoor’s raunchy production will be beamed to your television screens, but we wonder what is the point now

The verdict is out. Ekta Kapoor’s adult film, The Dirty Picture, will finally be screened on Sony Entertainment Television. Tanuj Garg, CEO, Balaji Motion Pictures tweeted the good news, “‘The Dirty Picture’ satellite premiere on Sony on 26th August. For four months, it was painful to see the callous treatment being meted out to celebrated creativity. At last our Dirty Picture airs on 26th August on Sony!” The film will be screened at 12 noon and 8:30 pm. The producers and channelwallahs must be relieved as this means the tussle with the Information and Broadcasting Ministry has finally ended.

You may recall that TDP was slated to air in April at the same time slots, but at the last minute, a directive from the I&B Ministry stayed its broadcast. There were issues regarding whether an adult film can be telecast in the prime time slot even though it had suffered 59 cuts. The Ministry asked the producers and the channel to telecast it after 11pm but they were not in favour of doing so. It seems the two sides have arrived at a compromise, but the question remains: what is the point? The DVDs of the film have been in the market for several months now and those interested in watching it have already done so. And the DVDs have the complete film with extra footage whereas the TV version has been cut by 11 minutes to make it suitable for family viewing. Sneha Rajani of Sony confirmed it in her tweet, adding that, “The essence of the story remains”.

Frankly, we don’t see the point. Why would anyone want to watch an A-rated movie without the adult content? Especially a film like TDP in which the adult content is integral to the plot. The protagonist Silk’s rise and fall is charted through the love scenes and if you cut them out, there really isn’t anything much left. We doubt if we will be sitting down on our couch with our popcorn three weeks from now to watch TDP. What about you? Are you interested in watching The Dirty Picture even though it has been edited…err.. ‘suitably modified for television’?