The Kapil Sharma Show: Iulia Vantur and Himesh Reshammiya turn the comedy show into a musical extravaganza

After a fun filled outing with Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor, Kapil Sharma is back with another cracker of an episode of The Kapil Sharma Show. Himesh Reshammiya and Iulia Vantur graced the show tonight and we have to say that it was one helluva episode. But apart from the usual jokes and comedy, we saw some really cool display of talent by Himesh and Iulia too. If you missed the show tonight, don’t worry as we got you covered. Here are all the top highlights of the show:

# Kapil Sharma enters the set with full enthusiasm. He calls upon Himesh and the singer comes out while singing a song. He goes on to sing two, three other dance numbers and while we know that Himesh is a good singer, his energy was electric tonight. He blew the roof away with his energetic performance. In fact, Kapil is stunned and asks him how he stays so energetic and fit. The singer laughs and says that singing from the nose makes him slimmer by the day. The technique uses a lot of energy and so he becomes fitter and therefore more energetic. However, Himesh hits back by suggesting that Kapil is the one who is fitter and still he (Kapil) is asking him such questions.

# Himesh then reveals that he has made a jingle for the show. He sings it and as the song goes on, we realise that it includes almost all the character from the show. It was actually trendy and we guess Kapil should really use it during the start of his episode.

# Anyway, after the singing session is done with, Himesh and Kapil sit down and discuss about the singer’s talent and number of songs. Himesh reveals that he has composed and sung nearly 700 songs till date and his latest album – Aap se Mausiiqui has also hit 25 million views. Kapil congratulates him, but jokes why he named his album as masi ki (for aunt) and not masa ka (for uncle). Himesh laughs and explains that it is Mausiiqui, which means for the love of music.

# After that, Kapil calls on the stage Iulia Vantur, who has sung Every Day and Night with Himesh. The Romanian beauty comes in, sings a song and says, “That’s it. Thanks, let’s go.” Kapil is surprised by what she did and tells her to wait as this is just the start of the show.

# Iulia laughs and says that she was joking. She tells everyone hello and sits down. Kapil flirts a bit, before asking her about her name. She reveals that it is Iulia, but many people say Lulia or Loliya. She says that this does annoy her but she can’t do anything about it. She clarifies it once again for everyone, “It is Iulia.”

# Later on, Kapil asks Himesh why she chose Iulia for his album. That’s when Himesh revealed that the Teri Meri Kahani song was conceptualised coz of the Romanian lady. So basically Salman had called Himesh and made him listen to Iulia’s Romanian song. The composition of Teri Meri was inspired from it and that’s when he decided that he would sing along with Iulia one day. So when Every Night and Day was composed, he sent it to her. She loved it and they recorded it in a day. He even mentioned how they didn’t auto-tune her voice at all.

# Iulia then sings Teri Meri Kahani and we have to say it was magical.

# A while later, Dr Mashoor (Sunil Grover) comes in and flirts with Iulia. He says that he had written a love letter for her and had even sent it via post, but it came back to him. He read out the gibberish letter, we could not understand what he said, but Iulia replied, “Wow, it makes sense.” Kapil was confused and asked her what she understood. She said, “I don’t know. I just said it like that.”

# After that Dr Mashoor keeps flirting and Iulia also retaliates. Kapil is jealous and asks him how can she like a beggar posing as a doctor. She says he has a bucket. Kapil says he also takes a bath everyday. But Iulia gives it back to him and says, “You should have it more often then.” Kapil is stunned and keeps quiet after that.

# A while later, Kapil says that Iulia and he has a similarity. While she is from Rom-ania, he is a rom-antic. So ‘Rom’ is common. He even asks her if she knows the most romantic actor of Bollywood. She says, “Yes, I know him. Don’t say anything about him coz he is my friend.” Kapil is left surprised again. He murmurs, “She knows the agent, now I cannot do anything.”

# After this she goes on to sing Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai and again, she mesmerises us.

# The fans also interact with Himesh and Iulia before they sign off with their duet song – Every Night and Day. Their energy and their song was really electric and we enjoyed it. Kapil also joins in as Himesh sings another song. The show ends on a high and everyone keeps cheering for all of them.

So those were the highlights of tonight’s episode. We have to say it was one helluva show and Iulia clearly stole everyone’s thunder. We love her confidence, her talent and her personality. We can’t wait to see her sing more often. Anyway, stay tuned to BollywoodLife as we will be back again next week with more highlights from The Kapil Sharma Show.